Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's right for me?

When I was still working back in the Philippines, I used to maintain HSBC credit card but I had to close it when I moved here in the U.S. Since I don’t have work right now, I don’t have a credit card in my name yet. I use one of Jeff’s card with my online transactions. If I go out and shop, it’s either I’m going to pay it in cash or have Jeff swiped his card for my purchases. Eventually, we know that I need to get a credit card in my name but still unsure which card to use. I’ve been sent pre-approved credit cards in our mailbox but they all asked for annual fee charges which Jeff doesn’t have with his cards.

I need a site that can give me ratings and reviews about different kinds of credit cards so that I can choose which one is right for me. I think Credit Cards Club would be perfect for that need. You can apply with top credit card issuers and banks through their site. They offer loads of information about different credit card offers to help you in your decision. I highly recommend CreditCardsClub for your credit card needs.

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Yes I agree that Credit Card is very important especially for emergency situation.. Thanks for the visit.
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