Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mini-session with my little boy.

I had so much fun photographing my exuberant little munchkin. Weeks before, I told him that I will be taking pictures of him and he said he's going to pose for me, lol! He was actually excited and I think he had fun in the first ten minutes of the session, lol! Well, kids lose interest easily so I'm not actually surprised. But I did manage to get a few good shots of him including some goofy ones.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stop the pain.

Dogs are great to have as pets. They're fun, loyal and great companions. Like humans, they do feel physical pain. They get hungry, get sick and feel bored and lonely. I am actually impressed with how much people here take care of their pets. My co-worker even takes her dog for a regular haircut and grooming. I could only imagine if her dog gets sick. I'm sure he gets the tender loving care that he deserves. When pets get sick, I think it's important that we know what to give them or at least know where to find it. I know NSAIDs are very common pills for humans to take whenever they feel any pain. It's not surprising that there's actually an equivalent drug that helps with pain and inflammation in dogs. And you can actually easily get it here if you're interested. Of course, it's always best to consult the veterinarians before giving something to our furry friends.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Photography Flyers.

As some of you may have known, I have developed an interest in photography since last year. Like many people, I consider myself a self-taught "photographer". I use the word photographer very loosely for I know I have still so much things to learn when it comes to this art. I can't help but be very proud of myself though of the things that I have learned and how far I have come after just a year of thorough Youtube watching and immersing in any tutorials and books I could take my  hands on. A year ago, I absolutely know nothing about shooting outside of "Auto" mode. I wasn't even interested in DSLRs back then because I thought they are very intimidating and only the professionals should have them. But something in me sparked my interest in learning about DSLR when my 3-year old boy then accidentally dropped my cheapo Canon point and shoot during our family Christmas picture taking, lol! I vowed I would do everything in my power to learn the basics of photography before even considering which DSLR to buy first. And I did! After 3 months of constant reading and watching videos, I thought I am ready to get my hands dirty. Hubby bought me a Canon T3i. Eventually we upgraded lenses and some accessories. The rest they say is history. I  mean I don't claim to be a great one but I think I did good considering the circumstances.

Now a little over a year after, I've realized that I wanted to concentrate on Portrait Photography. I have done free sessions for friends and because I am ambitious, lol! I thought I would like to slowly build my name out there as a portrait photographer in our town, lol! Seriously though, I am currently building my portfolio hoping to get more experience. I thought I'd start low and cheap as I build up my clientele at the same time hone my skills and artistry. I am really excited on this one. I have made a few bookings already and I just can't wait to photograph babies and families this year. So I have designed some flyers as part of  my marketing strategy for this year. Hopefully this would have a great turn-out!