Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Travel Guide you can trust

In my 10 months stay in the U.S., Jeff and I had traveled to several places in the country. One of my most memorable vacation by far is when we spent our Christmas last year in The Windy City, CHICAGO. We stayed there for almost a week but I didn’t feel like it’s enough as I realized that there are a lot of things to do in Chicago . We might go back there before this year ends, as we would also like to visit my sister who lives just an hour away from Chicago. Of course, the travelling just doesn’t stop as we also plan to visit the East Coast. As I was researching online about future cities to visit and things to do in that particular city, I came across with Trusted Tours & Attractions. They provide easy and safe online ticketing for numerous sightseeing tours, attractions and museums.

I’ve never considered Washington DC as part of our travel destinations before. But Trusted Tours & Attractions online travel guides made me think twice. I saw from their website so many different nice things to do in that city.
Washington DC sightseeing is definitely one of the things we would consider doing.

If you are looking for ideas for your next vacation, you might want to consider looking it up at Trusted Tours & Attractions. You can sign up at Trusted Travels eNewsletter for travel updates and ideas. Too bad their offer about getting a chance to win a handheld GPS upon signing up ends last June 30th already, nevertheless don’t miss the chance to be informed about travel and tours.

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AdinB said...

We'd love to go back to Chicago again someday! Woho! :)