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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Better safe than sorry

With my job, I get to talk to almost everyone that works with the bank who needs computer assistance. Some issues are pretty much easy to fix while others aren’t, but we still need to find solution for their computer problems since it could hamper their work efforts if they could not get into their PCs. One branch manager called to let us know that her hard drive had crashed on her. Imagine her frustration when she realized she could not get into the files and she would most likely lose all the important documents on her computer. Good thing, she had a backup of her files saved on an external hard drive. That's a pretty smart thing to do.

Monday, November 17, 2008

ShopWiki: Your First Stop for Online Shopping

The internet makes our life easier. Nowadays, if we want to buy something, we don’t really have to go to an actual store anymore, because we can actually do it in the comforts of our own home, with just one click of a button. The internet offers a lot of options that is why you need a powerful search engine to find all the available products and to make sure that you’re getting the best deals online. is the ultimate shopping engine for you. They don’t sell any products but you can search from their list of products whatever it is that you want to buy. They also feature a lot of tools to aid you in your shopping mission. They don’t just feature products but they educate you about the products you’re interested in.

As what I’ve written in my previous posts, I bought a laptop months ago and in order for me to get access with our internet connection at home, I needed to have a Wireless router. I only have a limited idea on how it works and I also don’t know at that time which brand to buy. But in, you will find a lot of information about the product you’re buying. I’m actually in search right now of a new digital camera as a Christmas gift to someone but I have not decided yet what product to buy. I’ll definitely visit Shopwiki and check out what are the good deals.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Translate your thoughts

As we all know it, the internet is an effective tool in learning nowadays. Back in highschool when there was not yet any internet access, the books in the library are our only resources. Today’s generation is lucky because not only do they have books to aid them in their learning but the easy access to the internet makes their life much easier. Learning is just one click of a button so to speak. I have exciting news to share to all of you. This is the birth of WikiTranslate, a site that brings the collaborative power of a community of users to the art of language translation. You will learn different ways of saying things in another language as easy as 1,2,3. Take the time to check out this new addition in the world of internet education.

Below is the site's press release.

WikiTranslate - Collaborative Language Translation Despite years of research into automatic language translation, even world-class software fails to capture the grammatical peculiarities and idioms of human language. While Google Translate and Babelfish can give a rough approximation of a translation, only humans can consistently and accurately translate from one language to another. WikiTranslate allows users to input text to be translated to and from English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish (with more languages to come). The text is first run through the Google translation algorithm that provides a rough translation. This rough translation is then presented to the WikiTranslate user community to tweak, wiki-style, into a complete and correct translation of the original text.