Friday, April 24, 2009

My New Toy...IPod Touch!

Every once in a while, I love to listen to music and watch music videos. But I’ve always used the inexpensive, no-brand name mp3 players that I’ve bought from the Philippines. I’ve never owned any fancy IPod technology ever…until yesterday. I got my first ever IPod and it’s no less than the IPod Touch! Weeeeeeee! My little heart is jumping with joy. Thanks to my rich internet boyfriend…wink! It’s actually a running joke in the house whenever hubby gets me something nice and expensive, lol! Anyway, IPod Touch rocks! I lurrvv it! Aside from the very obvious cool feature which is the touch screen, you can store as much as 3,500 songs and 20 hours of video, save photos, get map and directions, check the weather, save notes and reminders, and so much more. It’s Wi-Fi ready so you can check your email, visit web sites and even watch youtube videos when you’re close to a Wi-Fi internet connection. How cool is that! I don’t really play games even on my laptop but IPod Touch also lets you download all sorts of cool games. I’ll definitely make use of this feature when we go on long travels. I can ramble all day about my new cool toy but I gotta go online and buy more songs and familiarize myself with its features.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My thoughts on a Good Friday

It frustrates me when I learn that I still need to work on a Good Friday. I'm sure many of you here know that Holy Week in the Philippines is such a big deal that even business establishments observed at least Good Friday. But here in the U.S. Holy Week seems to be like just ordinary days. However, in our own little ways, we tried to ponder the significance of this week. We wanted to prepare our hearts and minds for Good Friday so we watched The Passion of the Christ last night. I've seen the movie a couple of times before, nevertheless, it had not lessen the impact the movie has on me. It had always made me feel weak, tearful and repentant. The movie may not be 100% accurate to what really had happened to Jesus, but most part of the movie are based on what's written in the Bible. The very graphic interpretation of Jesus' last 12 hours on Earth had left me pensive. Jesus went through humiliation and physical suffering before His Death because He chose to lay down His Life for us. As a sinner, I don't feel worthy. But I stand in Awe of His Greatness. Thank you, my Lord, my God for saving a sinner like me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Booked and Confirmed at Casino Español

It's final and official. My wedding reception is going to be at Casino Español Ballroom. My mom had gone to meet Aneth, the venue's account executive last Wednesday. We made a downpayment for my wedding that's going to be on January 9th, 2010. I know it's still 9 long months before the big day but I just want to secure the reception as early as now because we could not afford to move the date any longer. We're only be staying in the Philippines for a little over a month and since we want to spend the holidays there, there's not much options but to have it either on the 2nd or 9th of January. Since January 2nd has already been booked by someone else, I didn't have much choice but to move it on the 9th. I like it because it's a Saturday and people must have been rested enough from the holidays so I hope everyone invited could come and celebrate with us on our special day.

The place has 12 different menu packages to choose from. It ranges from Php408.00 - Php928.00/pax, exclusive of beverages and service fee of 7%. They serve 5 different kinds of appetizers, 5 main course, rice and 2 kinds of desserts. They offer free corkage for lechon so I plan to get 2 lechon for the occasion. For my guests who have sweet tooth, a chocolate fountain set-up of pure Belgian chocolates is something that they could look forward to. Oh, am I excited! The preparation and planning is definitely not yet over but I'm glad that we have so much time in our hands, not to mention the power of Internet technology has really helped me with my supplier choices providing me convenient ways to get in touch with them even if I'm thousand miles away from the Philippines.