Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I didn't think planning a special event for my little one can be very stressful. I am talking about baby's christening which we're planning to have in August. The church preparation itself was not that bad. Hubby, me and godparents had to attend a 2 hour class as a requirement. Baptism happens last week of the month. We're pretty much set for that. What stresses me out is the little party that I'd like to throw after. I have several Filipina friends that I wanted to invite and probably Jeff's and my sister's family would be here to join us as well. I have not decided on the venue yet. I didn't want it to be in the house because our place is small and it'll feel too crowded with all the guests. I was thinking of holding it either at a park or the church's social hall probably. It's just gonna be a small one so this shouldn't stress me out too much, lol!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anything for the baby.

I used to enjoy buying clothes for myself. But that has changed when baby came along. I enjoy more choosing baby outfits nowadays. Babies need new clothes almost every 3 months. Man! They grow up so fast. I’d like to keep at least 2 week’s worth of sleep and play outfits. He spends so much time inside the house because of the extreme heat so there’s really no need yet to get clothes that can be worn outside. However, he also has several summer outfits, most of them he hasn’t worn yet, lol! I told you, I love to shop clothes for the baby. Anyway, when he becomes a teenager, I might let him try wearing urban clothes. I bet it’s cool and hip, don’t you think?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A plethora of laptop choices

Let’s face it, computers are now a great part of our lifestyle. Personally, I couldn’t live now without computer and the internet, lol! So I can’t blame my cousin for wanting to get a laptop lately. Whenever we chat, she would always ask me the question, “where can I find the latest laptops, ate?” Well, in her case, as a first time laptop buyer, she wants to get the latest generation of laptops so I told her to search online, compare prices and read reviews before seriously considering getting one. There are a number of great brands out there. I’m partial to HP since I own one but I told her to not limit her options and to get something that suit her needs.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quitters never win.

If there is such a diet pill that works, I was never meant to find it in this lifetime, lol! Well, it’s because I don’t take them and I never even care to look for them in the market. I am not happy with my weight gain but I just can’t bring myself to take anything besides the occasional Ibuprofen. I guess I’ll just have to stick to the safe and tested slimming methods which I may add I am not having much progress yet, haha! But hey, quitters never win! That’s the spirit, lol!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A little bit of help won't hurt

A friend of mine who has been working out with much great results, I may add, has decided to go to to get a pre-workout energy amplifier. He has read plenty of good ravings about this product and he wants to give it a try. He thinks it wouldn't hurt to try something like this since he's really on his way to getting a very nice form. Well, to each his own. It might really help him achieve his goal pretty fast. So, why not!