Saturday, July 19, 2008

I got my first ever job in the U.S.!!!

Warning: This is a very long post and it might bore you to death. But if you are interested to read about the job-hunting experience of a Filipina in the United States, then read on.

I couldn't contain my happiness when the Information Systems Manager of the Bank of the Ozarks told me on the phone that they offered me the job as PC Support Specialist. I had to wake up Jeff, who was taking a nap in the couch at that time while I was blogging, and share to him the good news. Wow, the feeling was much like how I've felt when the Immigration Adjudicator stamped Approved on our visa papers. It felt so great.

It is interesting to mention that July 18, 2007 was my last day at work in the Philippines, then a year later, July 18, 2008, I was offered my first job here in the U.S. When I got my driver's license three months ago, I started looking for jobs in the internet and newspapers in our town. It was not an easy endeavor. Living in a small town like Ozark with a little over 3,000 population, there are hardly jobs that I'm willing to take. There were times that I feel frustrated and disappointed with myself 'coz I can't seem to find a job. I first put in as a Dental Assistant in a dental clinic here in town. That was my first job interview here and I knew that the chances of getting hired are slim since I didn't have the dental job experience.

My hubby has always been the shoulder to cry on for me during the days when I feel like all my self-esteem and confidence have left me just because I am jobless. He always comforted me with words like "It's alright. It'll take time. Don't worry, we'll get you a job. No matter what, I still love you." But we both know it's not about whether he would still love me if I'll get a job or not. It's about finding my self-worth in the corporate world. I've never been jobless after I graduated college back in the Philippines. But of course living in the U.S is much more different. We both anticipated the difficulty of getting me a job but I didn't realize that it could hurt this much when after 3 months of job-hunting, there was never a clear career path for me.

Until finally, I filled out an application online as Loan Document Data Processor with the Bank of the Ozarks. The anticipation for a job interview feels like it's taking forever. But what can I do, I'll just have to be patient. I spent most of my time blogging which I find gratifying. Aside from the minimal amount that I get out of it, I enjoyed the feeling of having to express my thoughts through writing. At last my interview with the bank happened a week ago. I thought it went pretty well but unfortunately, my lack of banking and loan experience hindered me from being hired despite my proficiency with data processing.

BUT....there must have been something in the interview that has impressed the Item Processing Manager and made her forward my application to another department, because even before I get the rejection letter, I got a call from their Information Systems department asking to see me for a second round of interview for the PC Support Specialist position which I didn't even put in for. The interview only lasted for 15 minutes but before that day ends, I was immediately informed by a phone call that I got the job and they will pay me more than the desired salary that I put in my application. Oh boy! I am so grateful and happy...I can't wait to start working and explore my capabilities in the world of Information Systems. And oh yeah, my first day at work will be on the 4th of August since Jeff and I will be going to Colorado for an electrical training classes on July 28th-August 1st.

Whew! What a long post! I hope I didn't put you to sleep. Zzzzz...Hehehe!!! Thanks for taking the time to read my job-hunting adventure.

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Matthew S. Urdan said...

Hey Jenn,

Thanks for stopping by MTMD! I'm glad you found the Top Droppers Widget useful--it looks great on your site!


DebbieDana said...

Congratulations Jenn! You did great!! Your patience had paid off!!

Anonymous said...

wow congratulations sis! enjoy your job!

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SHIELA said...

Congratulations Jenn...I'm happy for you!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your new and first job here. good luck!

Lou said...

Jen, I didn't know about this interview LOL Kay ngano? Coz we're always talking about blogging hahah Anyways my dear friend, you know I'm happy for you,,,remember what I've been telling u all the time? IT WILL COME. See? Ikaw pa!!! Oi, paano na blogging nyan? heheh

Anonymous said...


Lainy said...

Hi Jen! I'm wide-awake while reading this post, hehe! CONGRATZ!You so deserve it! Have a blessed Sunday!


Lisa said...

Congrats for your new job. I'm happy for you girl. You deserve it.

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Gorgeous MUM said...

congrats dear! you're lucky being able to find a job that soon, unlike some who seemed to have taken years finding one.

i do miss being in the corporate world sometimes, especially the first few months that i stopped working. i missed the feeling of being rushed and harrassed by work! but nothing beats the ample time i spend with my son! so i guess that compensates it! hahaha!

good luck on your 1st ever us job!

take care!

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

congratulations and good luck! :)

gizee said...

congrats dear!! sana ma enjoy mu.. goodluck! tc ^_^

Mariuca said...

Hi Jenn! Congrats on getting your first job in the US. That must've been tough when you were jobless, but glad to hear you have a supportive hubby! :):):)

Cecile said...

jenn, congratulations on your new job, hope you enjoy it! thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

jen my first time here, still a little confused with the blogs.but na capture ako attention sa imu blog about charice pempengco,i love hearing her sing!!! i just hope she continues and dli mo dako ang ulo..and i dont know how to do the rest and make my name nga mo appear diri.saon ni gawas napud ako ka ignoy,hehehe