Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What is this?

Well, that's also my question when I first see this fruit. Ok, for some who really doesn't know, this is a Grapefruit. In Spanish, the fruit is known as Pomelo. No wonder it looks like a "buongon" to me, except that it's pinkish in color on the inside.

I've been introduced to most of the fruits sold here in the US market. By far, I love peaches and strawberries.

Anyway, grapefruits are a good source of Vitamin C, pectin fiber, and the pink and red hues contain the beneficial antioxidant lycopene.

6 replies:

Joy0z said...

it tastes bitter that's why i don't like grapefruit..thanks for dropping EC at joyspeaking

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

I love pomelo Jhenn, masarap isawsaw sa suka, hehehe

JO said...

pomelo - my favorite fruit! the best can be bought in Davao city.

Anonymous said...

hi ate Jenn!
i thought grapefruit is different from pomelo coz I know pomelo or boongon is also known as Chinese grapefruit. their big difference is the size and the sweetness. they have the same citrus flavor though.

i don't like grapefruit that much but i love pomelo.

Anonymous said...

hahahha...just have this yesterday...dont like it....ang asim kasi!

AdinB said...

Tim and I both love grapefruit. Yummy! :) I love to juice it too as well. hehehe.... Anyway, kani baya ang grape juice is not good for someone that has a heart problem. Well, they can still eat, but not too much. Mao tong daddy ni Tim namatay kay after the Halloween meal naunsa ni kaon man ug daghan nga grapefruit even bawal sa iyaha ang masubrahan. Anyway, daghan jud ta mga fruits na mabaluan here in USA na wala pod sa atoa. :) Mura jud bitaw ug buongon instead iba lang ang color. :)