Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pleasant little trip to the countryside.

Would you believe that it snowed here in Helena the other day? Well, for the people that have lived here for a long time, I’m sure they'll say, “Oh yeah, it’s pretty normal in Montana to snow practically any month of the year”. But since we’re from Arkansas, it was quite a bit of a shocker to see snow in May, lol! It didn’t stick on the ground though. The afternoon sun literally just melted it all out. Before we move here, we tried to brace ourselves from the intolerable cold weather.  Expect the worst, you know! But so far, it hasn’t been that bad. Some days, it can get quite nippy especially in the evenings, but there are perfectly beautiful days of course.

One time, hubby drove us around to see the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake area. Oh boy, what a spectacular sight that was! The ice-capped mountains from a distance, providing an unbelievable backdrop to the vast fields in the countryside. Then the cows and the horses just punctuated the whole Montana country feel. Mind you, I was originally a city girl back in my country, but I can’t deny the fact that I was awed by the magnificent beauty of nature in front of me. And oh, it was the first time that I’ve seen an immense flock of sheep. I tried to tap into my stored memory on what products can be made out of sheep but nothing comes to mind, lol! That’s not a good sign, I know! Good thing my husband always has brilliant answers even to my most stupid questions. Now, I know meat is the most important product we get from sheep. Of course, there’s wool which is the product for which sheep are best known. But what piqued my curiosity the most are the sheepskin products. I mean, I find it hard to imagine how the skins of those sheep I've seen in the field can be turned into something luxuriously soft such as sheepskin rugs. Well, I guess whatever process they go through, it must have been a darn good one since a lot of people have started looking into luxury car seat covers for their vehicles. Now it makes me wonder if sheepskin would be warm enough for Montana weather.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Taking zumba classes.

Zumba classes seem to be the way to go for those wanting to lose some weight. I’ve been thinking of joining one in town. But first, I have to get a comfortable pair of dancing shoes. I don’t want to hurt my feet or worse my ankles so I guess it’s really important to get the right pair of shoes. Since I don’t even want to consider taking myoswell, I think my best alternative is to exercise. So Zumba, here I come, lol!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Airbrush tanning.

It’s funny how some people can’t seem to be content with how they look. Some dark-colored Asians like to look fair so they would apply whitening products to improve the color of their skin. Ironically, some Caucasians like to look tan so they would go to tanning salons and try the latest airbrush tanning systems available on the market. Well, I think there's nothing wrong with that though. We all would like to look for ways to improve ourselves, wouldn't we?

Monday, May 21, 2012


HGTV is one of my favorite TV channels. It never fails to amaze me when they transform rooms from simple and outdated to modern and stylish. I have noticed that the focal point of every house is the kitchen so most people spend time and money keeping their kitchen updated. However, some would give too much importance to their bathrooms so I guess that’s the second room in the house that I’ve seen many people have spent time remodeling. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine just recently did a whole bathroom remodeling raleigh nc. She believes it would add value to the house which matters to them for they were planning to sell their house and move to a bigger one. It must be kind of stressful to supervise major renovations in the house but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end to see the transformation.

New found hobby.

I have never thought I’d enjoy driving as much as I do now. Originally from a country that has tons of public transportation, there was never really a need to learn how to drive. But I can’t say that is true here in the U.S. You need to be able to get around and learning how to drive was one of the most important things that I had to master since I became an immigrant. To be honest, it was not easy for me to build up courage and confidence to get on the road and drive. I used to dread driving. But like they always say, practice makes perfect. As the years go by, I was able to overcome my fear and starting to really enjoy being out and about without having to depend on my hubby to drive me around town. It is actually one of the things I look forward to every weekend, you know get out of the house and have some free “Me” time, do a little shopping and stuff like that. Helena is pretty much big as compared to the previous towns we’ve lived in. Hence, traffic here can get a little crazy sometimes. It used to make me nervous, you know, but I can’t let that fear overwhelm me. A simple GPS device would have been pretty handy since I am not yet familiar with every little street this town has. I know I don’t need a fancy gps fleet management system. I was thinking,  a Garmin 1350 LMT probably would be a good one to start with.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Transitioning to toddler bed.

My little munchkin just turned 17 months. Hubby and I have been debating over whether we should now transition him to a toddler bed or not. I am actually a bit paranoid about him getting hurt if he’ll be free to roam around his room. I still think a crib is the safest place for him to be. But I know it won’t be long before he discovers that he could climb out of the crib and could potentially hurt himself if he falls down. I don’t know. Perhaps, in a month, I may be able to convince myself that a toddler bed would be alright for him. I’m thinking of getting some new sports kids bedding if ever we will make that transition. I’m pretty sure the little guy would love it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Carousel and Ice-cream.

We've heard about this carousel place and ice-cream parlor in town, so one beautiful weekend, we took our little guy out to this place. It's a nice, little place for kids and for the young at heart. However, with my kiddo, it's kinda hard to tell whether he enjoyed it or not, lol! Oh, I can see it in his eyes that he was pretty amazed with the carousel rides but when it was our time to ride in one, he was not very excited about it, lol! I had to hold him the whole time because he'd freaked out, lol! Oh well, maybe he'll do better next time.

Immediately after, we tried their supposedly home-made ice-cream. They come in a variety of flavors to choose from. I think mine was strawberry cheesecake while Jeff got the Java flavor. It was pretty good, actually! The baby had a taste of both of our ice cream and I think that made his day, lol!

Can I take it back?

Ok, now that the weather has started to get beautiful here in Montana, I began to second guess myself whether my idea to sell my pink bike was good or not. Oh well, I’ve had it for a couple of years but hadn’t really gotten much use of it, lol! That’s actually the reason why I wanted to get rid of it in the first place. However, I can’t honestly say that I have not thought about loading my bike in a bike rack, drive to the park or someplace where I can bike around to my little heart’s content. But I guess it won't happen until we'll get a new bike for me huh!