Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meet Katee Taira Shean: So You Think You Can Dance Finalist

They are already down to Top 10 finalists. All of them are fantastic dancers but I picked out my favorite. Who else could it be but the pretty, 20 y/o Contemporary dancer from San Jose, California. Katee started dancing at the young age of 4. She had formal dance training at the Team Dance Company and Atlas School of Dance. I'm amazed of how magnificent she dances to almost any category. Below are a bunch of my favorite dance routine videos of Katee and Joshua (co-finalist) from So You Think You Can Dance. Enjoy!!!

Katee and Joshua (Samba Routine)

Katee and Joshua (Hip-Hop Routine)

Katee and Joshua (Contemporary Routine)

Katee and Joshua (Bollywood Routine)

Katee and Joshua (Viennese Waltz Routine)

5 replies:

mjsterling said...

Katee and Joshua are my favorite too but unfortunately they have to witched partners last night..I love this show I never failed to watch it every Wednesday and Thursday.. I really want Katee win.

doit4_him said...

kate and joshua are the best. But so sad they are not partners anymore. I watched it yesterday. Muntik na akong mapa sayaw. haha!

Anonymous said...

i never watched this show ate Jenn. but from the looks of it, this girl is not only talented but beautiful and sexy. is she some sort of Asian?

HartofDixie said...

Katee is definitely my pick this season too. She's simply gorgeous and talented. I hope she will win!

Anonymous said...


I really hope she at least gets into the top 4 (although she should win.)