Thursday, December 22, 2011

Keepsake gifts for Christmas

On getting gifts this holiday season, they say it’s the thought that counts. I agree. It doesn’t have to be expensive for me to appreciate a present. Memories matter to me the most, so I try to search for wonderful keepsake gift ideas for the people I love. Which reminds me of the presents Caleb got from his Grandma for his birthday and Christmas. She gave him toys and clothes but I love the quilts she sewed herself for Caleb the most. It's a labor of love and I'm sure Caleb will appreciate them when he's old enough to understand.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We're moving... Montana. Brrrrrr!!!

Jeff got a job in Helena, the capital city of the state. I'm not sure what to think about the place. One thing I know is it's going to be cold and it gets snowed a lot. I've read it can get really pretty in the summer time which does not last very long, lol!

However, I'm actually pretty excited about the beautiful scenery in Montana. I hope we could visit the picturesque parts of the state when the weather permits. I'm sure this move is going to be an adventure for us.

This tropical girl would brave the winter climate in the northwestern part of the country. Woohoo!!! That's the spirit, lol!

Photo courtesy of Big Sky Fishing.Com
Photo courtesy of Big Sky Fishing.Com

Thoughts on sofas.

When I saw this beautiful sectional sofa los angeles, I was reminded of my wish to update my living room couch. I love sectionals especially if you have a huge room in your house, it can definitely add class and elegance to your living room. I was thinking of getting a lighter color this time. Probably a tan, mocha, beige or ecru. Yeah, I like warm colors. However, I think I’ll have to wait until my son would be old enough to understand that couches are for sitting and lounging and not a black board, lol!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just a thought...

There are times when starting up a small business comes to mind. But of course, it’s not that easy to realize it, especially with today’s economy. However, a restaurant business in the Philippines probably would be a great idea. As what most people say, everybody needs to eat. So you definitely have a feasible market in a restaurant business. But I think looking for a location site, acquiring restaurant equipment, hiring trustworthy people, and basically just securing the needed capital for your business are the most difficult part. That's why even if there are a lot of people who much prefer to be their own boss, working for somebody else might be the only possible option out there.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sound trip.

There are times that I find myself sound-tripping. Because I’m a mom of an almost 1-year old active baby, I hardly have time to do things for myself really. But I sometimes indulge myself into listening to some cool songs while I’m on the computer. My laptop has built-in speakers so obviously I don’t need to use pc speakers. I wish I could figure out how to set up my Ipod to connect to our entertain center speakers. It will be nice to listen to some Christmas songs to have that holiday spirit in the house.