Saturday, November 12, 2016

Make shower time easy for our seniors.

Making Life Easier For A Senior Loved One

All of us wish that our parents and loved ones could stay young forever. However, the reality is that the people we love age and get older. All of us want to make life as comfortable as possible for our senior loved ones. If you have an older relative in your life and you want to make his or her life a little easier, then follow this advice.

Making Bath Time Safer and Simpler

Many seniors begin to struggle with bathing and hygiene tasks as they get older. Getting in and out of the bathtub, for example, can not only be challenging, but pose a risk of a slip or a fall. If you want to make your senior loved one's bathing time a whole lot safer, have a handicap accessible shower installed. It allows your loved one to maintain his or her independence without posing any safety risks.

Help Them With Access To Technology

Many seniors didn't grow up with a lot of the technology that is common today and therefore have difficulty using technological devices. Similarly, eyesight issues can make screens difficult to read. Look for senior accessible devices to help make your loved one's life a little easier. For example, there are many cell phones available that are specifically designed for older people, without all the bells and whistles of most phones. There are also remote controls that feature oversize buttons for easier usage.

Be Sure They're Always Connected

Falls, slips and other emergencies can happen. Be sure that your senior loved one can always call for help no matter where they are in their home. For some, this might mean always having a cell phone on their person. For others, look into push-button emergency services alerting systems. While it might seem like a big investment, it can be a lifesaver in the event of an accident or emergency.

We all want our senior parents and loved ones to be happy, healthy and safe. If you follow these tips, you can give your loved one the most comfortable life possible.