Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacation in Branson: Part III

Our Branson adventure continues...

at least here in my blog through our photos. One of the many attractions in the city of Branson are the different kinds of shows that you can watch all around the city. Since I really don't know any of the performers there, we chose to be entertained by the Chinese Acrobats. It turned out that we made the right choice. The fee is a little pricey but it was a money well-spent so to speak. I've seen a show like this back when I was 10 years old in the Philippines, and the little memories that I had from it got my hubby convinced that it'll be a good show. It rained for the most part of our stay and we haven't anticipated the number of tourists that would watch on the day that we chose to go. We arrived just in time but the queue area for the tickets was ridiculously long and I didn't want to be seated on the last row so we took a rain check. It was really a plus that I bought my laptop with us for we were able to check online the show schedule for the next day. I wish I have photos of the show to share with you but of course, photography is not allowed during the show. Besides who would want to take photos and get distracted from the awesome and breath-taking display of gymnastic moves onstage of the teenage Chinese acrobats. They are just simply amazing. I even wonder if these people have bones, see how silly my thoughts were, hehe. I mean they can really stretch themselves to whatever position or style they want. I know it took them long years to practice those skills but still not everyone has the talent and ability to do that. I would never hesitate to watch them perform again next year.

The bad weather on our last day in Branson had prevented us from visiting Silver Dollar City or White Waters theme park, so we went to the Table Rock Lake instead as soon as the heavy rain stopped. I get to see how boats and jet skis were lower down to the river. On our way home, we dropped by at The Battle of Pea Ridge. Hubby has always wanted to go and we took the chance to do it during our Branson vacation. Anyways, here's our last set of Branson pictures!

Moi at Table Rock Lake and Dam

I wanted to sit in one of those benches right there for a photo opp but it was raining and neither of us wants to get wet so I just took a photo of the view minus the model, hehe!

My History buff lovey at The Battle of Pea Ridge

Exploring the battle field in bicycle, how romantic!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

When Filipinas Get Together... always means great food..lovely pictures..and pure fun!!!

We were invited to a birthday party of a Filipina friend in Sallisaw, Oklahoma last Sunday. I've met her through Friendster, and I'm just so glad that I was part of her birthday party. It was an hour drive to their place but it was all worth it because I get to eat my favorite Filipino foods and bond with Pinays in Arkansas. These photos are taken at the party and you might wonder if it's an all-Filipino party because you couldn't see husbands in the pictures. Actually, it's not. The husbands went with the wifeys but they hang out in the back patio while we were in the kitchen and eventually had invaded the host's bedroom doing what we love the most, posing for the camera, lol! It was only my first time to meet these girls but I really enjoyed their company and bonded with them so well. Sa uulitin!!!

*Jowen Whatley, the birthday girl is the one in a brown top.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Picnic in the Park

One Saturday afternoon, we took advantage of the beautiful weather. I was bored and burnt out from work, so hubby took me to a lazy picnic date in the park. We've been wanting to do this ever since I got here over a year ago, but just didn't get the perfect chance. I was happy that finally we were able to try this activity. The closest park from us is like three-fourths of a mile, but it was jampacked with picnickers that day, so we head out to Reed Mt. instead which is about 6 miles from the house. It looks like we have the whole place to ourselves, doesn't it?

I enjoyed the green surrounding, the smell of the air, the cool breeze, and even watching the few kids play. If we would buy our own house, we'd like to have a patio, or a porch or sundeck where we can just relax while admiring nature. Of course, a beautiful set of patio furniture is a must to make the whole experience fantastic. I never would have thought that I'll enjoy the outdoors. I've never been the outdoorsy type back home. I'm surprised that I actually liked nature when I got here. It's a striking balance to my love for shopping, isn't it? At least, if we no longer have money to shop, cheap activities like this can be a fallback, lol!

Mr. Lonely?!?

some kids playing

Jen Paraphernalia

Grilled steaks, ears of corn and potatoes

The love of my life

U.S. Corps of Engineers Powerhouse Plant where hubby work (taken at the park which was quite a ways from Ozark Powerhouse...Thanks to the amazing zooming capability of our camera!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Can you spot the difference?

...aside from the face and the figure, of course!

Well, I'm talking about the blue top. Actually, there's no difference! Di ba?!? This pretty girl and Me have the same exact blouse. I bought mine at Dillards. I'm not sure where did she buy hers but she mentioned she's based in Texas, USA and just went over to the Philippines for a vacation. I was Entrecard dropping one night while watching Wowowee on TFC when this pretty face in a pretty blue blouse caught my attention. I readily grabbed the camera and took some proof shots, showed it to hubby and my family back home, hehehe. Wala lang! I'm just amuse that somebody pretty has the same clothing taste as mine.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vacation in Branson: Part II

I've noticed so many bloggers talk about vacationing in Branson, Missouri. I couldn't blame them, Branson has so much to offer for kids and adults alike. I've experienced it myself when we had our vacation there 2 weeks ago. As what the title suggests, this post is a continuation of our Branson escapade. The place has lots of museums of different kinds. We visited three of them. I'm gonna talk about each of them. Let me start with...

The Titanic Museum

Remember the infamous luxury liner that sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912? Remember the love story of Jack and Rose? Well, there may not have been real Jack and Rose in that voyage, but the world will continue to get fascinated with the facts relating to the world's historic maritime tragedy. The Titanic Museum was filled with photos, memorabilia, facts, trivia and all kinds of exhibits both from the real Titanic wreckage and the very famous movie Titanic over a decade ago. But they don't allow photography inside so we only have this one photo of the outside of the museum building. It sure looks like a ship, doesn't it?

Our next stop...
Hollywood Wax Museum

I'm not sure who they are supposed to look like!

The entrance to the museum

Of course, I had to have a photo opp right here in front of the building

Flirting with Captain Jack Sparrow of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Would you smile like that if somebody pointed a gun at your head?
These are Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson of 'Shanghai Noon'

Hmmm...What am I doing here?

Hello, Forrest Gump!

Are you kidding me? You're not trying to stop 'SpiderMan', are you?

Gone with the wind

Welcome to the 'Planet of the Apes'

The Terminator 'Arnold Schwarzenegger'

Nicholas Cage

Mr. James Bond 'Pierce Brosnan'

Nacho Libre...I saw this movie, hubby talked me into watching it.
He find it very funny, but I hated it! We have different levels of humor, I suppose.

Our last stop...Veterans Memorial Museum. Hubby is fascinated with History. He loves to read books about history and culture of different countries. This is the only reason why I included this in our itinerary. I may find it boring but I know he will find pleasure in viewing exhibits from historical museums.

"I Shall Return." - American General Douglas MacArthur on the shores of Leyte, Philippines

The world's largest war memorial bronze sculpture (over 70 feet long, weighing 15-tons). The life-size figures were modeled after a combat soldier from each of the 50 states.

I hope I didn't bore you with my photos. I just love to photograph all of our travels. I enjoy it when we visit places and no matter how busy we are with work, we try to find time to take vacations. I'd like us to explore the western region of the U.S., so I am considering Vegas vacations in the near future. My newly-wed cousin had been there for their honeymoon and I'd love to see Las Vegas, as well. We could swing by the city when we visit them in Colorado soon. Awesome!