Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A week in Denver

This is probably the longest time that I'd be away from home and of course blogging. From July 25th-August 5th, Jeff and I will be going to Denver, Colorado for his training classes sponsored by USACE, the government agency where he works. I've got mixed emotions for this trip. We made two mini-vacations in just a month and my system doesn't really feel like travelling again just yet. I don't have a laptop yet so I'm reluctant to go for that would mean blogging opportunities missed for a week for me. *winks* However, I feel that this is the perfect time for me to see the beautiful state of Colorado. I've read that the scenery is so different up there and that the rocky mountains of the state is something that I would really love to see. So I guess this is it. I'll be off from blogging for a week. I hope to still see you in my page though. Promise I'll visit your blogs when I get back from the trip. Ciao!

*photo from chitarita's page*

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Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello Jhenn, I have been to Colorado like twice already, you really have to go and see the rocky mountains and around the big city of Denver, happy trip and enjoy! take care