Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shark found in Australian Pool

How would you react if you happen to find a shark swimming with you in a swimming pool? I know this is bizarre but it happened in Cronulla Beach in Australia. The one-meter (3.3 foot) shark turned up in a rock pool situated next to the open ocean at Cronulla Beach. The Cronulla Surf Lifesaving Club spokesperson thought it must have been swept into the pool overnight by a large wave. She added that they've got swimmers who made laps as early as 6:00 am every morning but they must not have noticed the shark that it was there since it's still dark. Yikes! There were no people harmed and the shark was reportedly released back into the sea unharmed.

2 replies:

Anonymous said...

holy cow! that's scary. no wonder i don't like to be in a body of water coz things like that happen. i'd rather be along the side and admire it's beauty rather than in it.

Mayumie said...

Oh holy moly! that's scary sis :-) imagine being in that pool tapos may shark na pla! gosh.. maloloka tlaga beauty ko.