Saturday, March 8, 2008

White As Snow

Today, I had a wonderful snow experience in our little town, Ozark. Having lived most of my life in a tropical country like Philippines, snow is one of the things that I look forward to when I got here in the US. I used to think that all parts of the country get snow at least every winter. But to my dismay, March came and still it hasn't snowed in Ozark, Arkansas. I was about ready to forget my little heart's desire to make snow angels and snow man, and to stroll around the neighborhood while everything looks beautifully white. But amazingly, we got our share of snow today. The childlike nature within me couldn't wait to be satisfied. Hubby had this incredibly surprised and confused look on his face when he saw me open our front door in my silky, hot pink jammies with a camera in hand. (*huh) I know that was foolish of me to get out of the house not perfectly dressed for a very cold weather like that. But who could blame me? I got carried away with the beautiful site unfolding before my eyes.

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