Friday, July 18, 2008

Layout Changes

I'm in the process of modifying the look of my blog lately. I've always been wanting to change my template into a 3-column one since I think it's more spacious but I couldn't do it 'coz of time constraints. I mean it's not that I'm super mega busy in my life but blogging and the things that go with it just seems to be time consuming, emotionally and mentally draining. Visiting and reading my friends' blogs and catching opportunities matter to me more than beautifying my layout. But just recently, I took half a day off waiting for opps, so to speak. I concentrated on finding the 3-column template that I like and probably do some more tweaking in the next couple of days. There's so much to add and a lot to modify. I want a customized header, a scrolling blogroll, a change of fonts and color and so much more. I'll try to do it myself but if I won't like the outcome I might just go ahead and purchase a customized layout. (*smiles*)

2 replies:

Anonymous said...

hi if you find some really goods ones let me know. I got mine from word press. See ya

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

hello Jhenn! you got a nice lay out here now I like it especially it comes in a fabulous touch of pink hehehe... teach me teach me! thanks