Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cute uniforms do great wonders.

I know I've been blogging a lot about how I love to go back to school and take up a Nursing program. I'm aware that Nursing is not for everyone. Not just because the job is tough and demanding but it's a challenge getting into the program in the first place. One will face extreme competition since many would like to apply but only a few slots are available. So I know I'll be up for quite a difficult task ahead of me. There are many things to like about this program. This might come across as being shallow but honestly one of the little things I love about being a nurse is the uniform, lol!

I can already imagine myself wearing hot pink scrubs at work, lol! I've always been a girly girl and I think hot pink scrubs would be perfect for a tough hospital day. Maybe it's just me, but whatever, I find it too cute! I have told my sister who works in a dental office to take a look at the cute and finest medical uniforms available at Not only that they don't look boring, they are of great quality at such an affordable price. I'd definitely buy one for myself here when it's time for me to wear one. I highly recommend it to everyone in the health care field.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Future spendings.

I wonder how much sony lcd tvs do cost now? Just curious 'coz I've wanted to get a flat screen tv but since we still have an old Sony Wega that still works, I guess we'd be stuck with that for now, lol! Unless flat screens would dip to an all time low since holidays are coming. Not a priority at all, but window shopping won't hurt. I'm actually focused on getting presents for the baby, family, relatives and friends. Our anniversary is in 4 days, then little guys' 1st birthday is coming, then Christmas so we're anticipating to spend more in the next couple of months.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I've made up my mind.

I don’t know what has gotten into me lately, but I’ve never felt so interested to go back to school as I do now. I can’t believe I am seriously considering taking a Nursing program. I mean I’ve always thought of Nursing as a very rigorous program. Not to mention the job is demanding and full of all kinds of pressure. I have a sister who just finished a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and I saw how difficult it had been for her especially the clinical duties, though she managed to made it all throughout. But now I have this strong urge to get on a nursing program. I must admit the great pay for nurses is a huge motivational factor. But hubby was apprehensive that I may not be happy with the job no matter how great the pay is. That’s also a concern of mine actually. I have been reading a lot of things about Nursing and have talked to real nurses that I personally know of to help condition my mind of what to expect. I have not made up my mind yet but one thing is for sure I want to go back to school soon. On a different note, I’m sure technical writers out there have not had a problem getting Technical Writer Jobs. I seem to have seen a lot of job openings on this nature so good luck to those who were looking.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good deals on video games

Christmas is just around the corner. I am excited to buy Christmas gifts for my loved ones. As a matter of fact, I have already bought 6 toys out of the 12 that I wanted to get my little guy for Christmas. Talking about getting excited, lol! I have also started making a list of the gifts that I would get for hubby and our respective families. I’m pretty sure xbox games would be a hit this Christmas. They’re probably on sale or something. Too bad we only own a WII and I don’t know anyone that has an XBOX. Anyway, I’m hoping I could find some good deals with WII games as well. It’s a perfect gift idea for everyone.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Point and shoot.

I had been looking for a good point and shoot among the hundreds of digital cameras out there. We own a Canon Powershot ultra zoom camera for 6 years now. It's been working great. As a matter of fact, I find it so reliable and have been using it frequently. But I wanted to have an alternative camera. Something handy, compact, sleek and stylish, user friendly and most especially loaded with features and excellent photo quality.

I don't limit myself with Canons, though I find them the superior brand as compared with its famous competitors in the market. But I'm open with other brands as well. However, after quite a great amount of searching, I find myself still wanting a Canon, lol! To make the long story short, I now own a Canon Powershot Elph 100. Thanks to my generous friends, they gave me one as a gift for my birthday.

I so love the color! I know this is a gift but I personally chose the style and color, lol! So much for the element of surprise huh! But again, I am so grateful to my friends who made my small wish come true. I love how lightweight and chic it is. I have been using it with my 10 month old son as my subject, and I can't stop loving this thing. It's so cool and take excellent pictures. Now I can capture every little cute thing my baby does. Love it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Personalized stamps.

I used to collect stationeries when I was younger. Too bad some of them got damaged by typhoon, and some I don’t even recall where I put it last, lol! I mean we moved several times and it’s just hard to keep up sometimes with your stuff. I have a few that I brought with me when I migrated here. I found out that you can have Personalized Stamps on your personal stationeries, books or envelopes. That is cool! It’s a great way to express your style. Has anyone done this yet?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is online learning worth it?

At times, I find myself wanting to go back to school and get another degree. For me, learning does not stop after I graduated college. It is a continuous process and I believe the more educated you are, the more wonderful opportunities come your way. The best thing about the current modern times, we now have the option to study online. There are hundreds of reputable online school out there so it really is a daunting task finding one that suits one's lifestyle and budget. For one, Walden University's online degree programs have potentials in giving the right education to anyone who wants it.

I often ask myself if there was a chance to study again, what course would it be? Well, the field of healthcare seems to hold its ground during recession and it actually continues to grow in this troubled economy. So I guess I wanted to have a career in healthcare. has a great B.S. program in Healthcare Management. And it's something that I'd like to take a look into.

How about you, if you'd be given a chance to go to school, what would you like to enroll in? Have you considered taking up classes online? If still unsure, you might want to research some more and learn about Walden. They might be able to help you decide where to invest your time, effort and money as far as online schooling is concerned.