Saturday, October 19, 2013


I love to try new food and new places to eat. So when I heard about Karmadillos, a Southwestern Mexican Cafe in the southwest corner of downtown, I thought I would give it a try. I went there on a Friday work week to have lunch and I thought their pork rice bowl was pretty amazing. The cafe itself is pretty small but they set up a nice dining area outside which makes you enjoy a hearty meal with a spectacular view of the mountains.

It is located on Reeder's Alley, an oldest piece of early Helena. The walk to the restaurant was actually quite interesting because to get to the place, you have to walk through an historic alley with pathway that resembles some kind of cobblestone. For some reason, it gave me the feeling that I was walking on Diagon Alley in Harry Potter books, lol! Alright, I don't know why I said that, lol! Going back to the restaurant I was talking about.

It was late summer when I first ate there and I must say the wonderful view adds to a nice dining experience.

I think the menu is pretty much affordable. I have heard some great things about their rice bowls so that's why I tried them first. And I like it.

The first time I went there, I ate alone but since I like the place, I thought I'd invite hubby for a lunch date on one of his Fridays off. It's actually funny since we have not had much of dates ever since we had Caleb so it was kinda a weird but nice feeling to be able to finally go out and have brief but memorable dates again.

Oh wait, I guess I must have liked this place so much because I went back for the third time yesterday to have lunch, lol! I thought I'd go all out this time and ordered their dundee rice bowl with beef, pork and chicken. That was awesome! I felt like a tick after, lol! It's a shame that I had to go back to work and felt worthless since all I wanted to do was crawl under my desk and take a nap, lol! That was how full I was. Then when I went home I found out hubby stopped at Taco John's after work because he was craving for Karmadillos rice bowl and thought he'd find one there, tsk! Of course not! So he ended up getting some tacos instead. Du'h! So imagine how jealous he was when I told him I had lunch at Karmadillos that day. Haha!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Adirondack-inspired lawn chair.

I'm just so proud of hubby's first woodworking project for me that I couldn't help but brag about it on my blog. A couple of weeks ago, he completed a lovely Adirondack-inspired wooden lawn chair painted with Lavish Lavender by Sherwin Williams. I have always wanted to have my own wooden lawn chair specifically Adirondack style. And I saw one at Costco but thought too ordinary for the price. I got lucky that I have a handyman husband. He said he will build one for me. And I thought that would be fun. I helped him pick the color of the paint. I googled for some inspiration and lo and behold, I found this beautiful purple colored lawn chair that I thought I must have, lol! I was really excited and thrilled on how this project would turn out.

He had spent most of his weekends and a few hours after work for like almost a month to complete this project. I know he enjoys woodworking a lot so even that alone was really worth it.

Personally, I think there's really something special about a furniture that's designed and made specially for you. And that's exactly how I feel about the whole thing. I mean from the paint color down to the right angle of the chair's back was made for my comfort and style.

I really really love the way the chair came out. I know that hubby loves woodworking and he had done some pretty cool stuff before we met but I mean this is the first time that he has done one for me. And I must say I was definitely blown away. There's no denying that it was one great quality furniture and of course the labor of love was there. Aside from the lavishly pretty paint color, lol! I love how sturdy it is. It's built to last for a very long time. I am just so glad I didn't settle for a ready-made, cheap-quality chair from the store. This is definitely way more better. I can see love written all over this furniture, lol!

Ok, enough said! Let me share with you more pics of my new chair. Now I have more reason to look forward to next year's summer season, lol! Luv it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Swing sets

Summer is definitely short here in Montana. The temperature lately has been in the 40s-50s already. We got lucky this weekend though, it got around 70, sun is out and it’s just perfectly beautiful to be out and about. I can’t help but wish that it will stay this way all year round, lol! Anyway, there’s always next year’s summer, you know. It won’t hurt to plan early on how to spend the short summer here in our state. I’ve been thinking of getting a nice playground set for the little guy for next year. I saw these beautiful swing sets in virginia beach and I think their designs are great. It may be a great woodworking project for hubby, lol! There are tons of great design ideas and it might not be that easy to DIY this kind of project.