Friday, December 31, 2010

Living life a lot better

At times, I remember those working days back in the Philippines. Not that I miss going back to work, hehe. I think my life being a housewife and a new mom right now is something that I would like to enjoy. But yeah, looking back, I think payday advances would have helped if it were applicable in our company back then. It may sound crazy but it’s a common thing to stretch our budget even a week before our next payday comes. Literally, living from paycheck to paycheck. It worked fine back then since I was single and responsible of no one. But it just made me compare how different my life back then than here in the U.S.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Knowing where to look for

We were given a newspaper with the baby’s footprints as souvenir at the hospital where I gave birth. I think it was cool and I’m going to keep that to remind me of what’s happening on other parts of the world when my little one was born. As I was browsing through the paper, I saw a brochure inserted that looks like a medical resume and a hospital directory in our town which list a number of physicians from all different kinds of fields. I thought that was pretty handy. In case we need a medical professional in the future, I don't have to look anywhere else but at that list. Good.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our new bundle of joy

After 9 long months of having him in my tummy, we were able to finally meet him at last! On December 8, 2010 at 7:56 a.m., I gave birth via an elective C-section to a healthy baby boy at Baxter Regional Medical Center. The surgery was a tough ordeal for me, Jeff and my family. If I had a choice, I would have wanted a normal vaginal birth. So why elective, you might ask? It was an informative wise option presented to us by our doctor. I didn't jump at it right away since I didn't want surgery in the first place. My younger sister and some friends went through that and I know how hard it can be to take care of a newborn then recuperate from a major abdominal surgery at the same time. But the situation presented at that time was not favorable. I was a few days past my due date. I was not showing any signs of labor. My pelvis is narrow, I was not dilating and still carrying the baby very high. The doctor knew from experience that I was going to have a big baby. Induction of labor of course was also part of the option but my cervix was unripe to break the bag of water and if we opted to go for induction, 85% chance that I would still go through a cesarian section, not to mention the stress of labor I and the baby will have to go through only to find out in the end that I still won't be able to deliver him vaginally. We were given some time to decide. We didn't feel pressured by our physician but we knew what was at stake then. With Jeff and my family's support, we went for a planned surgery. Indeed, the baby was big! He was 8 lbs. 4 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long with a head diameter of 14 1/8 inches. The surgery didn't take long but the recovery will be. My sister and a family friend drove from Illinois to be with me at the hospital. I was so thankful she was there. She's my only family here and it was a great comfort to have her there knowing she too had gone through the same experience as mine though hers was an emergency c-section.

The first time they had me walk to the bathroom with assistance on the second day of my hospital stay, it was hell for me. It felt like all my guts would fall off. The incision was throbbing but they say I had to do it because it will help with my speedy recovery. It has been almost 2 weeks since the surgery. I can say I feel better as far as pain from the incision is concerned. I am trying to breastfeed right now and it has been a challenge because of the operation. But I'm managing it pretty well I guess. I am losing weight which I think is awesome, hehe! I am no longer taking pain meds. I can walk with no assistance now. I haven't healed perfectly yet but with God's help and time, I'll get back to my normal self. After everything that I've been through, I'm just so thankful that the surgery was a success and that I was rewarded with the joy of seeing our little boy.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A small gadget that has it all

Like most of us, I love taking pictures. Not necessarily for art or a hobby but just to keep remembrance of the things that matters and people I care about. With the influx of different kinds of smart phones in the market, people were saying the very handy and convenient point and shoot digital cameras are in danger nowadays. I can understand that. Fancy cellphones like IPhone has a nice camera feature so why would IPhone users bother to carry another item when in fact they can have it all in one small powerful gadget. But I would say it depends on the user actually. Some people might still prefer the reliable digital cameras than cellphones, but they better be justified with a difference in prices to say the least, otherwise digital cams might be off the competition.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The baby's room

One of the things that keeps us busy lately is getting the nursery room done. Jeff and I had fun putting up all those Winnie the Pooh and Friends stickers and plush hangings on the wall. We tried to keep it simple but cute. We painted those wooden letters ourselves instead of buying pre-decorated hanging letters online which could be a little bit pricier. I have ordered some coordinating wall border stickers from Amazon but it hasn't arrived yet. Since we bought a new king-size bed in our bedroom a couple of months ago, we thought of moving this old queen-size bed of ours in the baby's room which I think is a great idea. The baby can stay in his crib while we sleep in the same bedroom with him. It will be convenient if we stay close with the baby especially since we have yet to establish some routine in taking care of him. Everything is all set and ready. We're just waiting for the little bundle of joy to arrive.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our annoying neighbor

Now that winter is here and the cold weather is out to destroy the grass and leaves in the front and back yards, I thought I would get a break from the whirring sounds of high-powered lawn mowers in the neighbor’s yard. But I thought wrong! Even with practically nothing to mow, I swear this old guy across from us still ride on his mower at least 3 times a week every morning. It drives me nuts. Those things use powerful ATV Tires and engine so it’s almost impossible to drown the sound out especially when you’re trying to sleep in in the morning. Oh well, he's retired and he's got nothing better to do but to keep his place looking neat and tidy, hehe!

Friday, December 3, 2010

A lesson learned

I made a terrible mistake when I once filled out an online form inquiring about auto insurance quotes. Immediately, we were bombarded with ads, mails, letters, brochures, invitations, quotes and phone calls from telemarketers. At first, it was just fine since we asked for it anyway. But it’s just annoying when people don’t take NO for an answer. We weighed the pros and cons and we made a decision so there's really no need to send in more offers and quotes. It's just a waste of time, effort, and paper, hehe! But anyway, that's how they sustain their business. I'm just glad that we can block unwanted calls and paper ads go straight to the garbage without even opening them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

House Hunters

HGTV’s House Hunters is one of the TV shows that I’d like to watch when I have the chance. Jeff hates it though, lol! He thought most if not all, that were featured in that program are filthy rich and not really middle class for them to be able to afford some of the ridiculously-priced houses that are for sale. He’s probably afraid that if I keep on watching that show, my standards in looking for a house would be difficult for him to afford, hehe! But, of course, it’s far from the truth. I just enjoy getting a glimpse of the pretty houses in the suburbs but I'm still realistic when it comes to setting a budget range. I hate it though when the buyers turn out to be overly critical on small things. Like even a door knob wouldn't be spared from their scrutiny. On the other hand, I understand that since they are gonna be investing that much, they have to pay attention to every detail or probably they are just like that because they know they are on camera, lol!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A short Christmas list

I was amazed on how selfless I was when I did my Thanksgiving shopping last week. I did both mall and online shopping in different stores during that week. Would you believe I didn’t buy even one item for myself? Haha. I shopped for Jeff for his birthday, some for my sister and her family and most stuff are basically for my unborn baby, lol! But my personal Santa asks me what I want for Christmas and that’s when I started thinking that I should make a wishlist now. I actually have just two items on my list this Christmas. And I wouldn’t even be heartbroken if I don’t get them because I really don’t need them at all, hehe. Gosh, I find it hard to believe it’s me talking like this. But anyway, I’m just probably too excited with the future baby that I can’t really think about Christmas gifts and stuff. But yeah, just for the heck of having something to put on my list, I have asked for an IPod dock speakers and a Nokia C3 prepaid GoPhone unit. It's not something I can't live without really but I can't think of anything to ask for Christmas.