Friday, July 18, 2008

A snake was found in a washing machine

What would you do if you find a snake in your washing machine? Huh! Are you kidding? How could a snake get into the washing machine? Well, that's what I was thinking when I was reading a news article about a woman in Gorham, Maine.

Mara Ranger narrated that when she was removing clothes from her washing machine at her Maine farmhouse, she noticed that the clothes moved. She said she jumped back and saw a snake and immediately called for help. Maine Animal Damage Control operator Richard Burton pulled out an 8-foot Python out of the washing machine. Burton guesses the snake got into Ranger's washing machine through water pipes.

Man, that was scary! I bet she'll get paranoid doing her laundry now. I also should probably be extra careful myself when I do laundry. Who knows it might happen to somebody else as well. (*knock on wood*)...

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Mayumie said...

Oh gosh that is scary.. now you reminded me to close the laundry room door. hehhe..takot naman nyan..