Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is Me before the Big Dinner

We spent Thanksgiving at my DIL's family and relatives which is 2 hours away from home. We went there last year too so the whole family was expecting us to be there. I had some fun spending time with Jeff and his relatives. They were really nice especially the host of the dinner. Of course, I am the only Filipina there but I didn't feel left out. They gave us a warm welcome and most of all, the food was great. I didn't eat a lot though but I love the Turkey and the pumpkin pie which is really my favorite. Too bad I was not able to take pictures while we were celebrating with them but Jeff took a couple of quick shots of me before we left the house. Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!

The Ultimate Hunter's Package

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remembering Baguio

I dug out old photos and I saw our pictures two years ago when Jeff and I visited Baguio City. I thought I might share this in my blog. So many things have happened in Baguio, the fun was just so hard to forget, the picturesque views of the city is worth sharing and that memorable day of Jeff's marriage proposal to me was really worth reminiscing. I love the place so much. We went there in December so the weather was perfect if you want to get rid of the heat of Cebu City.

A gazebo where you can have your wedding to be held here

I had a blast on my first photo opp experience on a pink pony

I put on an Igorot costume...Fun, eh!Jeff thinks its unfair if he can't try his own as well

A boat ride in the manmade lake of Burnham Park

The famous summer residence of the President of the Philippines, "The Mansion"

Lovebirds underneath a pine tree in Camp John Hay

We went to a strawberry plantation to pick out some fresh strawberries

Preggy in Style

This year is probably just a good year to be pregnant. I have a couple of friends who either just gave birth or still expecting moms. As a matter of fact, my very good friend “Joanne” from the Philippines is soon to be a mom and her recent post about finding it hard to fit on her old clothes anymore inspired me to make this post. I’m sure she’ll be shopping for new maternity clothes soon and I hope she will be able to get an idea on what to have for her new set of wardrobe through this blog.

Some women out there are just even scared to try on a maternity dress. Let’s face it, your figure is going to change now but that does not mean you can’t look stunning and beautiful when you’re pregnant. More than anything else though is the comfort you will get when you wear the right clothes on your pregnancy stage. At BellaBlue Maternity, you can find several tops, jeans, shorts, or petite dresses that offer a wonderful selection of style and comfort for all seasons. They even have this ever popular T-shirt, nursing tops and tank tops selections for the more casual look and of course the long sleeve designer maternity tops for more of the formal and business look, as well as maternity sweaters and sweatshirts. Take your time and browse through their selection.

Not Only in the Philippines...

One of our branches was robbed this morning. I did not know exactly the details but we were told that the bank employees were made to lie flat on their stomachs. One pregnant employee was brought to the hospital after the incident. I just could not believe it. I mean I thought events like this only happen in the Philippines and other Third World countries. When I got here, one of the things that I noticed is that they don't deploy security guards in schools, banks, malls, movie houses and other business establishments. Having lived almost all my life in a country where security guards are commonplace, I mistook the lack of security guards in schools, businesses, and banks as an indication that crime just didn't exist here. But, obviously I was wrong. Bad people just exist everywhere in the world. I really hope the police would caught the culprits in the bank robbery this morning. Banks are a good place to work but I've never really dreamed of working in an actual banking center because of this reason. It's just too scary to imagine the risk of bearing the brunt of a bankrobber's aggression.

Honey, Don't Pay the Ransom, I've Escaped!

Have you thought about what to put in your Christmas wish lists yet? Have you even bought your little kids something this Christmas? My nephew asked for a Dancing Wubbzy and since it’s Christmas, most of the toys would not be available anymore weeks before the holiday season. I didn’t want to wait until after Thanksgiving before I go Christmas shopping especially for toys. Kids always want toys for Christmas so I didn’t want to wait for the Christmas rush. I did some of my shopping online though. It’s easy, convenient and affordable if you just know the right web sites to go to. Most kids are crazy over dora and diego magic, so they might no longer be available in stores like Walmart, Kmart and others. Why don’t you check out Mega Brands. They have an awesome selection of toys for Christmas. It’s an online store so it’s pretty much easy to shop.

Since Christmas is not just about kids, I took the liberty to make my own wish list myself. I’m trying to be different here so I made a silly video of myself asking my Santa to give me gifts this Christmas. Hoping he’ll get the chance to view this. By the way, this video was brought to you by Mega Brands. Sorry if I look silly in this video, hehehe!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fulfilling all of my own Christmas wishes

I should stop shopping for myself this Christmas. I tried but unfortunately, I have not been successful. We made our Christmas wishlists, right? But for some reason, I end up buying most of the stuff that I've written in my wishlist. We went shopping over the weekend and I just couldn't help myself from buying things that I like but could have been bought by Jeff as Christmas gifts. Hubby likes to have the chance to surprise me, that's why he was dismayed when he found out that I am Christmas shopping for myself the things that I've asked him in my wishlist, lol! Like for one, I've asked for a CD of Regine Velasquez' Low Key and Gary V.'s Platinum Album collection but yesterday, I ordered them online myself. Hubby said that I am not supposed to be the one buying the things in my wishlist but I told him that I am afraid he might not be able to find the right website since these are OPM cds. Poor hubby, he said he felt inadequate.

I was very specific with some of the things that I wished for this Christmas. Two of these are Nintendo WII console and a Guess purse. Yeah, I've changed my mind about the Xbox 360. My sister talked me into buying a WII instead because of the "Super Mario Bro." series. Anyway, since these two are kinda pricey, I leave it to hubby to get these for me, hehehe! Ok, since I already bought the cds myself, I cancelled them in my wish list and replaced them with an item that's going to be a personal challenge for him. Let's see if he's going to be bold enough to go into Victoria Secret and shop an intimate apparel without me!

Western Fashion is in

Are you fascinated with western outfits and accessories? Do you make it as your fashion statement? Then might be the perfect online shopping destination for you. My BIL has a wide assortment of Tony Lama boots and they all look great, durable and comfortable to wear. Cavender’s Boot City offers great deals on popular brands so if you are one of those who likes quality product with a friendly down-home shopping experience, check out their website.

Me Me Me...Meme!

This tag is from Juliana. I had fun doing this tag. I'd like to apologize for the late posting, sis. Anyway, here are my answers.

Have you ever gone on a blind date?
Yes...A few times in the past...Hehehe..Adventurous, eh!

Skipped school?
Yes, my afternoon classes in HS.

Because I was just being lazy.

Been on a plane?
Yes. First time was my trip with Jeff to Baguio. It was nerve-wracking coz I had fear of flying but I kinda gotten over it now.

Swam in the ocean?
Nope, I can't swim. :(

Cried yourself to sleep?
Yes, many times in the past.

Played cops and robbers?

Played dolls?

Recently colored with crayons?
Not recently.

Sang Karaoke?
Yeah, not a good singer so I really don't sing that often.

Paid for a meal with coins only?
I think so.

Done something you said you wouldnt?

Cheated on a test?

Made prank phone calls?
Hmmm. I should say it was a "good-time" call. A neighbor crush of mine. I pretended to be his classmate and agreed to meet him someplace but I didn't go of course.

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose?
Yeah. It hurts!

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
No. Maybe I'm going to try it this year.

Danced in the rain?
Nope. I bet it's romantic if done with someone you love but no, I haven't done it.

Written a letter to Santa Claus?
No. I can't remember if I ever believed in Santa Claus even when I was a kid.

Watched the sunrise with someone you care about?
Yes...with Jeff on his second visit. We did it in Samboan seas.

Been kissed under the mistletoe?

Gone ice skating?

Been skinny dipping outdoors?

Favorite drink I'm allowed on a regular basis.
Strawberry Milk


Body piercings?
Ears only.

Vacation spot?

Eaten cookies for dinner?
Yeah. Home-made cookies baked by Jeff.

Ever been on TV?
Yep...In a movie actually played on tv. Hehehe. Do Re Mi...I was one of the audience in a fund-raising concert of Regine on that said movie. How did I end up there, it's a long story...

Ever been in a car accident?
Thank God, No.

Favorite number and why?
Don't have any.

Favorite movie?
A lot. First thing that comes to mind is P.S. I love you.

Favorite holiday?

Favorite smells?
I am allergic to strong smells. I should just say mild scents is what I like.

What do you do to relax?
Read and sleep.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Still in the US with Jeff and hopefully our baby.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Emoticoning our way into each other's hearts

It may sound absurd, but one of the things that Jeff and I miss doing the most is chatting on Yahoo Messenger. We used to chat every single day and talk on the phone every Sunday for 2 long years when I was still in the Philippines. It was our only way of maintaining our sanity across the many miles. After I got here, of course we no longer chat, talking to each other face to face is way much better, but every now and then, we just missed the old times. Tonight, while I was watching T.V. and doing my usual EC dropping rounds, I was surprised to get a message from Jeff. Actually, he was just in the next room using the desktop while I was camping here in the living room with my laptop. He got bored playing with a computer game so he went online and we chatted a little bit before he went out to join me in the living room to watch our favorite show together, Wowowee!!! All we had to do was holler out actually, but we would rather chat 'coz it's more fun, hehehe! Welcome to the world of computers and internet...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reduce stress...Take a break...

When was the last time you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror? Do you look your age or do you think you look 10 years older than your real age? Is it your work, your family, or your financial situation that’s stressing you out? Well, whether we like it or not, stress is an essential part of life. It is the way that we handle stress that matters. Do you let it get to you or do you focus on some positive things in life instead? Not all people are very good in dealing with stress, that’s why lifestyle companies like The Stress Institute came to exist. It is founded by Dr. Kathleen Hall, a world renowned expert in stress and work-life balance. A group of prominent physicians and professionals will help you provide solutions and practices in order to reduce stress in our day to day living. Even just simply knowing the right breathing techniques will make a huge difference. If you want to achieve a stress-free life, take it easy and visit an institute for stress and anxiety near you!

Our First Christmas Tree

This is going to be my 2nd Christmas in the U.S. but we didn't have our own Christmas tree last year so this makes our very first. It may be too early to put up a tree but we did it anyway because I thought I would be working on the first 3 weekends of December. But I just found out today that I only have to work for 1 weekend but anyway, even if it's too early to talk about trees here, I just went ahead and share our first tree with you. Never in my whole life did I help mom decorate the house every Christmas so I was kinda skeptical on having our own tree in the house. We will still be spending our Christmas in my sister's house in Illinois but we still wanted to put up our own tree. Nothing beats the fun when me and Jeff were trying our very best in putting some beauty to this tree. By the way, it is a 7-foot tree and for a while, we thought it's not going to fit in our very small house, hehehe. I am not good with decorating and stuff but I am happy with how it came out. I think it's not that bad for a first-timer, is it?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A successful experiment

One of my co-workers is 1/4 Filipino. Though he has never been in the Philippines, he'd joined Filipino gatherings back in Alaska, his hometown and there he tasted some of the best Filipino dishes. Pansit Bihon Guisado is one of his favorites and he kept on asking me how to make it but I've never cooked Bihon before. He found a good recipe online but his problem was our grocery here in town does not carry "rice noodles" so he used angel hair pasta on his first attempt to cook bihon, hehe. I wonder how did it taste. Anyway, I was inspired to try this recipe myself. Jeff had tried other people's bihon recipe and he liked it so I felt pressured to cook a very good Bihon for him last night. I got my recipe from and luckily, we both liked it. I had to cut back a little of the chicken broth though but my first attempt was not that bad. We had a hearty meal and I am proud that I have another Filipino dish added to my belt.

Avoid the Christmas Rush

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? How many people do you have to give something to this Christmas? How much is your allotted budget for this holiday’s gift giving? Of course, we should consider these questions before we go crazy with our Christmas shopping. I noticed that Christmas is the only time of the year when people spend like mad without feeling buyer's remorse. Probably because we’re expected to spend for gifts and also it’s a wonderful feeling when you give something to friends and loved ones. I’ve made a list of people to whom I will give gifts this Christmas. I must say there’s a bunch of them, most of them are my family and friends back home. I am so grateful that Kmart continues to provide the value and savings everyone needs this holiday season.

Aware that customers are now more conscious than ever about their spending, Kmart provides extensive savings to buyers with their layaway program, special discounts, and promotions this Christmas. KMART unveiled an unparalleled assortment of more than 25,000 gifts under $25 from the best quality brands on the market. Some of my favorite picks are the Joe Boxer 2-piece cozy sleep sets and the Satin Pajama sets for my cousins back home; LeapFrog leapster learning games for my nephew; Leatherman Multi-Tool for Dad; and a plush robe for my Mom. You’ll be amazed with the quality and prices of the products they are selling. Check out their web site for more info.

Click Here


Pictures Tag

A picture tag from my two dear friends, Monica and Francine. I'm sorry for the late posting. I have not been online lately. Thanks a lot for this, girls!

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The Notebook

5.)What kind of pet do you have?

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United States of America

7.)Where do you work?

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8.)What do you look like?


9.)What do you drive? (wish ko lang!)

The Vibe

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Greys anatomy

12.)Describe yourself.

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15.)What is your favorite candy?


Monday, November 17, 2008

ShopWiki: Your First Stop for Online Shopping

The internet makes our life easier. Nowadays, if we want to buy something, we don’t really have to go to an actual store anymore, because we can actually do it in the comforts of our own home, with just one click of a button. The internet offers a lot of options that is why you need a powerful search engine to find all the available products and to make sure that you’re getting the best deals online. is the ultimate shopping engine for you. They don’t sell any products but you can search from their list of products whatever it is that you want to buy. They also feature a lot of tools to aid you in your shopping mission. They don’t just feature products but they educate you about the products you’re interested in.

As what I’ve written in my previous posts, I bought a laptop months ago and in order for me to get access with our internet connection at home, I needed to have a Wireless router. I only have a limited idea on how it works and I also don’t know at that time which brand to buy. But in, you will find a lot of information about the product you’re buying. I’m actually in search right now of a new digital camera as a Christmas gift to someone but I have not decided yet what product to buy. I’ll definitely visit Shopwiki and check out what are the good deals.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Pink Sisterhood

Thanks, sis Michelle for this pretty tag.

1. Put the logo in your blog.

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3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

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PINK Sisterhood

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Barnes and Noble coupon code for you!

It’s not a secret that shopping is one of the things that I enjoy doing. Of course, I tried to be responsible with my purchases because the last thing we would want to happen is to wake up one day and realized we’re so financially miserable. Hubby trusts my judgment and he’s supportive to most of the things that I like to do. Most guys are not shopaholic so I really don’t expect him to tail me in every store I go to. What we would usually do is to meet some place within the mall whenever we’re done shopping. Yes, he does shop too but usually in a bookstore. So while I’m in looking for clothes, Jeff hangs out in bookstores like Barnes and Noble to look for books and some neat stuff.

This store does not just carry books but dvd, toys and games, and some neat gift items as well. If you have not decided yet what to get for your friends this Christmas, you might want to visit the place. You can also make use of
Barnes and Noble coupon code. Christmas is not just all about spending but availing on great free online coupons as well. It’s one way of saving money with your shopping purchases. What a great way to shop this Christmas!

A foggy drive to work

When I woke up this morning and peeked through the window, I was greeted with a very thick layer of fog outside the house. It was already a little past 7 and I needed to get ready for work. The temperature was surprisingly comfortable (thanks to the centralized heating system), so I unceremoniously stepped into the shower. I don’t have anything against people who do not take shower everyday in the winter time but I just don’t feel like going out of the house without feeling fresh. Besides, I already feel privileged now that I’m in the U.S., I don’t have to bear with taking a shower in cold water since we can always use hot water here. I could remember the times back in the Philippines when “taking a bath” as early as 4:30 A.M. is such a pain because the water is damn cold. Thank God life has changed! Today, I only had milk with K cereal for breakfast, not because I am on a diet or something but obviously, it’s easy to prepare and I didn’t have the luxury of time to cook something fancy. When I was ready to go, my next concern is driving in a very thick fog. I haven’t done it before but I’ll have to do it if I want to be at work on time. So off I went. At first, I was nervous but actually, it wasn’t that bad. When you look at the fog from a distance, you don’t see anything but when you’re right into it, there’s visibility. I just had to be extra careful and attentive all the way to work. I got to the bank safe and I know this is just one of the many obstacles I’m going to face as far as my driving in the winter time is concerned.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He walks across the carpet, gives me a kiss and.....ZAP!!!

It happens a lot in the winter time. It's so annoying that sometimes I would scream ahead even before he touches me because I've anticipated a static shock. When we get out of the truck, before we hold hands, he would say, "Wonder Twin Powers...Activate!" hahaha, then we usually have our elbows touch first because it seemed to hurt less. Some people in the parking lot might have thought we're silly but who cares, I have this static shock phobia now. I've done a little research about this to help me understand why it does happen to people especially in Winter. Well, it has something to do with the nature of matter, particles of atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons and all that crap...the more that I've read about it, the harder for me to grasp everything. I quit trying to understand the scientific reasons for it but at least I learn that it has something to do with the dry air in the Winter time. Electrical currents run through our fingers, and when we touch something, all the current rush to the thing we touched, causing a shock. Of all the suggestions that I've read over the internet, carrying a coin, and using them to touch grounded metal objects is more appealing to me. This will not eliminate the static discharge, but will at least stop the pain I'd feel in my fingertips. Gosh, winter is such a Pain!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Mama is a Fashionista

She does not go out of the house often, but when she does, one would be surprised with how good she dresses up. She's very good with matching her clothes with her shoes or with her purses or even accessories. Her stuff are not expensive, of course, 'coz we could not afford it, but she handles it well even at her age. My mom had me when she was at a young, tender age of 16 so she feels young and she treats me and Jingle like her sisters, hehehe! I miss my mama so much! She just looks vibrant and playful but most of the time, she gets depressed because she misses me and my sister a lot. It's really hard to be away from home. We do communicate a lot though but staying in one roof with them is one thing that I missed. It makes me happy seeing recent pretty pictures of her and the rest of my family.

In pink

In purple

In Green

A cornucopia of check designs

Are you tired of the traditional and plain-looking checks that you get from your bank? Would you want to make a statement about your personality with the design of the checks you’re issuing? Go ahead and try ordering your checks from Cheap Checks Direct. They have a much wider selection of over 1,000 checks to choose from, all the exact same quality as checks you get from the bank, with the price 50% lesser. I particularly like the design below as it looks chic, simple and very feminine. If you love animals, sports, entertainment, among others, you can choose different designs from any of those categories. carries check from some of the top check sellers so rest assured that you will be greatly taken care of.

I called in sick today!

It's my first time to do it and I was a bit tensed at first 'coz I thought they're going to give me a hard time but surprisingly, the guy on the other line just said, "Ok". Actually, I'm not that sick. I mean I think I feel sick which happens to me almost everyday lately, probably the cold weather every morning is the culprit. Jeff is on vacation today and tomorrow is a holiday so I've got all the reasons in the world to feel lazy and just called in sick. Hehehe. We'll probably go malling later today and spend whole day tomorrow just relaxing at home. Oh, I'm supposed to be sick so I should not go out today. Du'h!!! Whatever! I'd still shop today.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Remember it's special

Most women love jewelries. I would not say that I am one of them because I don't really own a whole bunch but I do appreciate them especially if given by hubby on special occasions. I'd like to accessorize sometimes but most of my stuff are the inexpensive sterling silver ones. I don't go out of my way to spend hundreds of dollars to buy jewelries out of my own pocket, but hubby doesn't mind spending a little more than the usual for wifey especially on special occasions like the marriage proposal, birthdays, and anniversaries. The latest treat is a set of pearl earrings and necklace from Gordon's. Well, yeah, there is a special occasion for this. It's for our 1st Wedding Anniversary. The traditional 1st wedding anniversary gifts are made of paper, a modern 1st wedding anniversary symbol is a clock and the gemstone associated with this anniversary is Gold, Pearl, or Peridot.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Beauty of Nature

I think I'm way too late to post fall photos since the leaves are no longer that pretty for fall color photos. We just didn't have the time to go to the park until yesterday lunch. Jeff picked me up at work and we bought some Subway sandwiches and ate them at the park. These are not the perfect fall photos but I just thought of sharing this in my blog. It was chilly and windy that day and I could feel the breath of winter coming very very soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

In My Dreams

…I died. I know it sounds real scary.

We actually had a big meal last night at Pizza Hut. I ordered Sausage Italiano pasta and I was so full that even after 3 hours, I still felt full and bloated. When it was bedtime, I wasn’t ready to fall asleep and I had strange thoughts running through my mind about what if I’d die in my sleep because I went to sleep full. My folks used to tell us that it’s not good to sleep while you’re full. I don’t know if there are really medical and scientific basis for that but it did make me worry last night. As a result, I dreamt that I was already dead. I saw a huge room with glass partitions occupied with supposedly dead people. In my dreams, I was in denial. I told myself this couldn’t be true. I even analyzed how did I die, I looked for Jeff in the room but I couldn’t find him and it saddens me that I had to leave him behind. I struggled in my sleep because part of me said this is just a dream but no matter how many times I blinked, it still takes me to the same room with the same people. Gosh, I was so scared. Thank God, I woke up. But my throat was killing me. I mean I had heartburn and I had to get up and drink some water. I was happy I wasn’t dead after all. I realized I was not ready to leave my husband and family behind yet. I prayed before I went back to sleep. I hope I won’t have nightmares like that in the future.