Friday, February 22, 2013

DC Clamp Ammeter.

I do not know what to think sometimes about having a husband that works in a hydro-power plant. The pay is great but the risk of getting hurt or injured is greater. Luckily for us though, he didn’t have any major injuries for the 8 years or so that he has been working there. He did hurt his back once and cut his finger that needed stitching but thankfully nothing close to life-threatening situations. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but worry about him oftentimes. I’ve been to his previous work places and those huge and complex machinery were too intimidating especially for an outsider like me. But I guess that’s why he’s paid good money for it because he can handle the job, right? On occasion, he would do computer research for tools and plant equipments for the company to purchase, which puts my mind at ease. I mean at least it would keep him away from the danger for a few hours, lol! Speaking of which, I may have to recommend to him Swain Meter, a site that specializes in dc clamp ammeter. It’s actually an electrical device having two jaws which open to allow clamping around an electrical conductor, which in effect allows the properties of the electric current in the conductor to be measured, without having to make physical contact with it. These things are actually wayyy over my head but I’m sure my husband’s employer would find some use of this site if they’ll see it. The pricing may be competitive since they are the direct manufacturer of these products, so I’ll definitely mention this to him.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A year after.

I can't believe that it has been a year already since we moved here to Helena, Montana. I remember how this specific view of the city had enthralled  my soul on my first morning here. It truly was a magnificent view of nature. I love the snow-capped mountains. I love the feel of a small town yet so close to stores and restaurants. Since we're in the North, of course it can get really cold in the winter time but still I love it here. It has been a year of new friendships, new house, new job and better options for outdoor recreational fun.

National parks in Montana.

I was hoping we could visit Glacier or Yellowstone National Park this summer. We wanted to do that last year but we got all caught up with the move and hubby’s new job and all, so we really didn’t have time to explore Montana as much as we would have liked. Those two places stood out amongst the outdoor fun you could find on the plethora of brochures advertising about Montana. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with summer options considering the vast supply of brochures in town. It makes me wonder if they have used cheap brochure printing on those since they weren’t really skimping with the quantity of their advertising materials. It would just be insane to just stay indoors if you have options to enjoy nature and do fun activities when the weather is perfect, wouldn't it?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Snowy Valentines.

On Valentines Day, I woke up to this picture perfect view of snow outside the house. Of course, there's also a nice card and yummy chocolates from hubby which he left on the cooktop, hehe! I was worried about him getting to work on this bad weather so I called and asked him how was he and of course to thank him for the little sweet surprise.

Anyway, winter in Montana is basically a combination of very cold temps and snow. The cold doesn't bother me as much as the snow. I can't drive in the snow. So I'm pretty much stuck inside when it snows this much here. Although, the city takes good care with their roads as far as plowing them and stuff. But still, I'd rather just stay at home, wait for it to melt and enjoy how white and beautiful it looks while taking pictures. The neighbors probably saw me taking pictures on my jammies, lol! Who cares! The sight is just too beautiful not to take souvenir shots.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Teen camp for the coming summer season.

Although it feels like summer couldn’t come any sooner, I’m sure some people are already studying their options for summer activities for their kids and families. If you have teenagers, sending them to a Teen Camp might be a good way to make their summer worthwhile. It will keep them from bad influences at the same time nurturing them with new skills and talents that they can use once they go back to the real world. I can't wait for summer season to get here. Starting to get tired of these bleak, dreary winter days, I want to do fun stuff with my son outside the house. I'm not sending him to any camp programs yet, but we might camp out in our backyard for starters, lol!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Airport lifesaver.

Traveling internationally with an active toddler is no easy feat. But I had to do it because I wanted my parents to meet their grandson in person. I was apprehensive of course, but I tried the best I could to prepare for that long trip to the Philippines. I brought plenty of new toys for him to keep him entertained. My laptop was also a huge hit while we're on the plane. All his favorite Thomas shows were saved there and indeed he spent quite a bit of time just sitting on my lap and enjoying his cartoon shows. I didn't give him Benadryl like some people had suggested while we're on the plane. They say it would keep him drowsy and not very alert all throughout the flight. But the mother instinct in me wouldn't want to drug my child even if it means hard work for me on the plane. Thankfully though, he slept most of the time on the plane. I guess it has more something to do with being in a strange place with strange faces.

Now during the long layover was another story. We had to stay at the airport for like 8 hours not counting the delays brought about the typhoon in Korea. I know it wasn't going to be fun and easy for both of us. Fortunately, both Seattle and Incheon Airports have this designated area for toddlers and kids to go nuts and release their energy. Yes, they indeed have play areas which was really a lifesaver for me during the long layover. Well, I knew about this beforehand since I have done my research really well. But finding it was kinda a bit of a challenge, lol! My sense of direction sucks and trust me, it  had been really a tough one maneuvering our carry ons, with a toddler in a stroller. But once I found it, it was like I heard the angels singing "Hallelujah." I finally was able to relax, sit down and peacefully watch him play while waiting for our flight to arrive.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shopping the smart way.

I love to shop. Who doesn't? Well, probably men in general do not get excited with the idea of being in a mall jampacked with a frenzy crowd of shoppers. But I’m pretty sure most women would definitely love to go shopping. And I am not an exception, lol!

Before we moved here in Helena, MT, I’ve never really lived close to a shopping mall. They’re always quite a ways from where we’ve lived. But of course, that hadn’t stopped me from shopping, lol! What’s the purpose of the internet if you don’t make good use of it, right?

As a matter of fact, I have discovered that you could get good deals when you buy online. Well, only if you’re smart about it, I guess. I take advantage of clearance sales, discount buys and coupon codes. Thank goodness Coupon Chief coupon codes are always available for people who love to shop the smart way.

They have tons of coupons from many of the popular shopping stores. Why would you pay the full original price if you could get it at a discount, right? For someone like me who considers shopping as a stress reliever but still want to see good value for their money, making use of coupons from Coupon Chief is the way to go.

I got excited the other day when I saw that they have an Old Navy coupon. I love to shop clothes for my 2 year old son at Old Navy. We don’t have the actual ON store in our area but I can still get those cute summer outfits for my little guy by visiting the store online. Less hassle, great discount buy! Who wouldn’t want that? Really, shopping has never been this easy and fun.