Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Break Time.

As I've promised, I will blog more about my new experiences as a working mom. I apologize for not updating my blog as often as I would have liked. While this has been a fun and exciting journey for me, things have been very busy as of late. But still allow me to take you for a ride to my new world.

At work, we are given two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute or 1-hour lunch break depending on our choice. So I usually spend my morning break at Sweet & Savory. It's a cozy little cafe right across the street from where I work. Like Starbucks, they do have free Wi-Fi access so it's an added charm to this little place. I like the fact that they are not really crowded especially in the morning. It gives me some quiet time while I enjoy my cup of flavored latte while checking on Facebook updates, lol!

This is a shot of the cafe's interior. Actually, the upper level houses some of the private offices. The building is old as you may have noticed but still has that charm which probably makes the cafe a nice place to hang around.

This is another of my favorite from this cafe. If I remember it right, it's some kind of a frappe loaded with ice-cream, whipped cream and what-not, lol! So fattening but sinfully divine. I don't get this very often just because for some reason, my tummy feels weird after I drink this, lol! Nevertheless, it tastes so good.

On my afternoon breaks, I usually just stay in the break room. It's deserted most of the time so I kinda like that brief moment when I can just be by myself and play Candy Crush, lol! We do have Wi-Fi access at work too so occasionally I would also go on the internet to browse and FB. Oh yeah, FB is still so much a part of my life even if I am in the office. Funny but true! :)