Friday, May 30, 2008

The Start of a Busy Weekend

Thank God It's Friday!!! It's the start of a fun and busy weekend for me and Jeff. We only have one week left to prepare for our trip to my sister in Illinois. It seems like we still have a lot to accomplish before we'll be ready for next week. We need to take care of stuff like going to the mall to get important things before the trip. I still have to shop a gift for my nephew since it's his birthday. I don't have anything to wear yet in case the weather there will be perfect for swimming. Oh, there's so much to be done.

But anyway, my morning had been busy so far. I worked on 2 opportunities from Social Sparks. I'm almost done and I'm happy that I can have time for Jeff and myself after this. I'm not usually busy with blogging on weekends but no complaints there though. It's not gonna be like this always. I don't think I can bloghop today but I'll try to do it on Sunday. See ya'll!!!

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Prily said...

thanks for hoppping at my site even if you're busy today,my amiga.i really appreciated it.ayoayo pod ka diha.