Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cure to a Confused Mind

Since I am new with blogging, there are stuff about it that I don't understand how they work. Quite a lot of times, I've read from other posties about Page Ranks, Technorati, RSS Feed and so many other widgets that if I had to think about them without really knowing what they are there for, my brain would explode with extreme bafflement. Not until today, courtesy of a very nice Bisaya friend of mine, Jana, I was edified with some of the aspects of my blog. I had a nice little chat with Jana and I'm so grateful to her because despite how busy she was chasing opportunities and updating her blogs, she still has the patience to share to me the answers to my queries. I spent my afternoon learning how to install those widgets in my blog and registering my blog to two more blog-monetizing websites, of course the info was from Jana as well. I hope everything goes well with it. The more opportunities to blog and earn money, the better! Cheers!

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Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

hala! she's nice to take time to teach you girl... me too, actually I am new here and still confused just about anything here... I heard that blog-monetizing galore too but I dont know how to start...mind to share some ideas? hehehehe..let's make some money since ang lagi ko lang naman inaatupag si internet the whole day is this and other things pa here...thanks Jhenn

StaLira said...

ako sauna wara sad kong kinder nagsige pangutana. way kalibutan tawon jenn. pero sa madugay, sabot ra man

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