Friday, May 16, 2008

How To Look 10 Pounds Thinner in Photos

I don't know about some but most women (me included) love to have their pictures taken. Proof to that are the thousands of pictures we shared in our Multiply and Friendster accounts. I mean, there's totally nothing wrong with it. We feel good about posing in front of the camera and sharing these to our family and friends in an online album. But wouldn't it be more exciting if we know some tips on how to pose and look thinner in our photos without having to resort to Photoshop?

I was browsing through the internet for some stuff that I could write for my blog when I came across with this article from I thought this is pretty interesting since taking pictures is part of our usual activities. I haven't tried these tips personally yet but who knows this might really make us look and feel good in our photos. Allow me to share it to you, guys.

Secret No. 1: Turn partially sideways to the camera, planting one foot in front of the other. Point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back foot.

Secret No. 2: Pull head forward slightly to minimize any appearance of a double chin.

Secret No. 3: Hold arms slightly away from your body. This keeps upper arm flab from flattening out and therefore appearing flabbier (much like thighs do when one sits on a couch).

Secret No. 4: Pull shoulders back, chest forward and gently suck stomach in. Be careful not to suck stomach so far in that your ribs show, thereby causing those who later see the photo to cluck to themselves in a bemused, sing-song voice, "She's sucking i-in."

Secret No. 5: If you can get away with it without looking like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl wannabe, try the look away trick. To do this, look away from the camera, then turn towards it, breaking into a smile just before the camera clicks. Your smile will appear fresh, not frozen. This trick takes practice behind closed, locked doors.

When taking a photo it's also important the photographer does not snap the picture from below. This adds another 20-50 pounds to the 10 pounds automatically and annoying added by the camera.

More tips on looking 10 pounds thinner in photos:

Use objects you are holding to your advantage by placing them in front of parts of you you'd prefer to hide. A purse or corsage in front of your belly. A jacket slung over the shoulder. (Gwyneth Paltrow used a perfectly placed purse to hide her baby bump before she announced her pregnancy with Apple).

It's not just black that makes you look thinner. Wearing an entire outfit of just one color will do the trick as well, whether it be white, beige, brown, blue or red. One color tends to elongate your figure. Avoid entire outfits in pink, however, unless you are four years old or younger.

There you go! Just try to practice these tips in front of the mirror and lock your door first so your little ones or your hubbies wouldn't think you're too vain. I expect to see future photos following these tips then. (*smile)

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this is very helpful tips! but all i can suggest is to experiment on the clothes you wear base on ur body size and of course it also better to keep on taking pictures with urself on which angle makes u look good and better. even me at this point, i would still keep on taking pictures of myself only professionals know what's the best and worst. and like many of us are amateur just keep on taking pics and only show what's the best.

Anonymous said...

wehehehehe galing! very helpful, i actually do these ahaha ^_^ kaya i look thinner in pics!