Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Long Week Schedule

I want to thank my taong ninja friend, Sendo for this tag right here. Whoa! I don't think my week schedule is as hectic as yours, my friend but still I'm gonna try and enumerate the boring stuff that I'm gonna get busy with this week.

Ready to get bored?!? Here it goes:

  • Vacuum the whole house (it's been 2 weeks since I last did this, lazy aren't I?

  • Update my blogspot

  • Call mom in the Philippines

  • Order sunglasses and shoe rack online

  • Watch Charice's performance in Oprah

  • Glued on the television for my favorite Filipino shows

  • Go to the bank to inquire about my ATM card which was swallowed by the machine

  • Fervently wait for a response from the 2 jobs that I applied this week

  • Visit my Multiply and Friendster accounts

  • Chat with friends and sister

  • Catch 'blog fishes' hopefully (hehe)

  • Try our brand spanking new treadmill

  • Do the hiphop dvd workout

  • Get a balikbayan box for my family this weekend

  • Do some shopping in the mall

  • Enhance my driving skills in the interstate

  • Finish the last chapters of Harry Potter 5 (with hubby)

  • Cook dinner of course

  • Go to Sunday school and Church service

  • Have my nails done

  • Watch Netflix dvd

  • Bond with Jeff

Whew! Tiring week, isn't it? (roll eyes) I had more busy days while I was still working and at the same time in school. It's not that I'm complaining, I love the lazy moments as well but I miss the full packed schedule. Anyway, let me hear from my other friends, Hazel, Lira, Monica, Juliana and Elsa. What makes you busy this week, girls?

2 replies:

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

wow! ang busy ng week mo girl! hehehe, take it easy girl...we have lots of fun to do while doing it, enjoy your week!

Sendo said...

kelan si charice magpeperform sa ophrah? tapos naba?