Friday, May 30, 2008

In Plain Sight: Meet the Cast

I am excited with the USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight, which premiers on Sunday, June 1st. I check their website and read more about the characters’ bio. Most of the characters seem to have a unique and challenging personality, which I think will make the show more exciting to watch. Mary McCormack’s character as Mary Shannon is full of challenges and she embodies the high-spirited women in this generation.

Though I’m not a U.S. Marshal like her, but of all the characters here, I can relate more to Mary's character. Her job entails a lot of responsibilities and she takes on different personas just so she can relate to the witnesses in some ways. I am like that sometimes depending on the kind of people I associate with. I can be a friend, sister, adviser, listener to my family and friends while I can be a wife, girlfriend and best friend to my husband.

Mary’s tough, sexy and smart traits will make her enjoyable to watch. But like any other show, there are quirky characters in every story. I find Brandi Shannon’s character challenging but quirky as well. She is Mary’s younger sister and it’s played by Nicole Hiltz. Brandi is a typical spoiled brat, selfish, no-care for the future type of girl. I remember a very well-off neighbor of mine back in the Philippines who seemed to take her family and wealth for granted. She doesn’t want to go to college because she thinks her parents’ affluence is more than enough for her needs. But fate played a trick on her when both her parents died in a plane crash and she ends up alone and miserable and no plan for her future.

Going back to the tv series, In Plain Sight, let’s all watch it on June 1st and together we will learn all the characters in the show.

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Congrats,my friend!hay,intawon usa pa lang akong opps sa social spark.hehehehe!hay intawon,Ginoo, tagai pod tawon ko ug uban pang opps!hehehehehe!(pero kun wala ok lang gihapon kay time na ko sa akong bana and kids).