Monday, May 5, 2008

Fresh Start

I can't believe that another week had gone by and today is the start of a fresh week. Nothing much interesting happened last week though I must say I had fun with my lazy weekend with hubby. We just stayed at home, watch Netflix dvds and read Book 5 of the Harry Potter series. We're both HP fans right now. He yielded to my request of giving HP book a chance. I never thought he would be interested in it. But after reading Book 1, he seemed to like it, thus, we are in Book 5 now. Actually, I've read the whole series already but I wouldn't get tired of reading it over and over again. So reading the book is now part of our 'before bedtime routine'.

Today is another usual lazy day for me. Though I'm doing our laundry right now, but with all the machines which will do things for you, I don't think it could be any harder than what I was used to back in the PI. The technology here makes me all the more lazy, lol. On the other hand, now that I have a driver's license, I started to look for jobs in the newspaper. So far, it's not a fun experience for me. We're living in a small town so there's not much work opportunities for me than in big cities like Cebu. I'd love to work and explore my world but I also don't want to get into a job that I don't think I would enjoy doing, that's probably why I haven't had any luck for a job yet. But I'm taking it slow and easy. I know there's a right job for me out there. I'll just have to keep on looking.

I know this might be too early for me to blog about this but I'm just kinda excited for next month. We're going to Illinois to visit my sister and her family. I hope it's not too cold to plunge into a pool by that time 'coz that's part of our plan for our summer adventure. I can't wait to see again my bogoy nephew. I've been to Illinois twice already but I still look forward to more visits. I'll write more about this if our plans will push through next month. Ciao!

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StaLira said...

oi..happy trip in advance. naa diay k o award sa imo jenn sa a mom's note nga blog.

tasteful voyage
a mom's note

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

wow Jhenn, you already have a plan for the summer! happy trip...