Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Monster Mom

Regal Entertainment and GMA Films worked together to bring us the exciting and riot tandem of mother and daughter. I'm talking about the upcoming comedy film, My Monster Mom, which stars 1993 Ms. World 2nd Princess, Ruffa Gutierrez and her "monster mom", the feisty but beautiful Annabelle Rama. I think this is a fun movie to watch. The trailer looks like it is horror film but in the end you can feel that it's gonna be a riot comedy. I love the movie trailer. This is the first time that the famous mother and daughter Gutierrez worked together in a movie project and this will definitely be a hit in the theatres soon. The movie is directed by no less than Jose Javier Reyes.

1 replies:

Anonymous said...

the trailer looks good, ganda ng shoes ni ruffa! ahahaha

looks like i want to watch this movie as well!:)