Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Earthquake devastates China

I recall a very scary experience back in highschool. We were in our P.E class on the fourth floor when suddenly we felt a tremor that's got nothing to do with boisterous activities by classmates. We knew it was an earthquake and my instincts told me to go down and find shelter despite the clamor of our teacher on not to panic. I reached the ground floor unscathed because it wasn't strong enough to create damage. When everything seems to cool down, I was embarrassed when I went back to the class because I was the only one who fled out of the room. Safety tips tells us not to run during the quake but what can I do, I was just one teenager soul who got scared and confused on what to do.

The recent news about the earthquake that hits China is so sad and devastating especially to those people whose loved ones were trapped inside the buildings which had collapsed. The death toll continues to arise and there are still hundreds of people who are still trapped and probably fighting for dear life. For the complete report and update, read this
article. I feel for the parents and family of the victims. Let us hope and pray that there would still be more alive people that can be found. In this moment of unexpected tragedy, may we offer our prayers to the people who have been affected by the recent terrible event.

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