Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Harry Potter Collection

I am a self-professed Harry Potter avid reader. It all began when my American brother-in-law sent my grade school sister at that time a copy of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets as a Christmas gift. Being the bookworm in the family, I ended up reading it first before my sister even got the interest to open the page. At first I thought it was just one of those children books genre but one chapter made me read more until I find myself engrossed with it. I find the story line amusing and different.

True, the characters are kids and it talks about magic and all that but it got me hooked to the point that I did look for Book 1 and wondered if Book 3 and more are already out in the market. I was really entertained and that started my interest in collecting all the books in the series. Obviously, I have read all of it. As a matter of fact, I've reread it countless times. When I moved here in the US, I brought all these books with me. Absurd it may seem, but right now these books are part in me and Jeff's bedtime routine. Yep, I was able to convince him to read them. We've read it together before going to bed and right at the moment, we are on the last three chapters of The Order of the Phoenix. To all the HP readers out there, rock on!!!

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Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

I have this HP collections too Jhenn, all were hard bound! as in! and I dont even want my friends to borrow them and bring them at home, pwede naman but they can read it mismo in our own house! see how greedy I am? hahaha

Anonymous said...


I'm a harry potter fan, too.
Really LOVE it! ;)