Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What could be the best anniversary gift for hubby?

Our 1st wedding anniversary is gonna be next month already. Wow, time flies! I actually haven't decided yet what to give hubby on our anniversary. I'm excited because it's gonna be my first chance to buy him something fancy out of my own pocket, hehe. Last Christmas, we did exchange gifts but he gave me money to buy him gifts from his wishlist. So on our anniversary, I've been really wanting to give him something memorable and special suited for this wonderful event of our lives. I tried looking online for gift ideas but so far, nothing special jumps out of me yet. I was wondering if you guys know of any 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas. What did you give your hubbies on your anniversary? I welcome suggestions, please.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing hahah

Seriously that's true. He knows I love him so he told me not to bother instead I just used the money in buying some shares in the stock market LOL


irish daisies said...

we like to go to very nice hotels and do all the fun things like massages, nice dinners :) oh, in arkansas we went to the hot springs to the http://www.arlingtonhotel.com/ they have so many things to do there too beside the spa. enjoy your 1st !and many more to the two of you :)!

LODS said...

happy anniversary!! hey where did the time go?has it been a year already?i guss so coz my duaghter is also turning one next month,lol..

im sure you will figure out what your going to give him.

meretrisha said...

jinit2x, we've the same wedding anniversary cheers hehe.. i also don't know what to give yet, am just as clueless as you are :)

Raquel said...

Yeah, it is hard to find something special for hubby...btw, I ended up with a card only. Anyway, I would suggest buy him a perfume, nice pen, on the go bag. Bag na puede nyang lagyan kahit ano when he go for work.