Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Christmas Family Tradition

Christmas might be too soon to blog about but just allow me to reminisce about my family and the way we celebrate this holiday. I happen to see pictures posted by my cousin on her Multiply and I thought about sharing it through my blog.

Last December of 2007 was my first Christmas away from home. I missed my family and the traditions on this season but the photos of them made me smile and remember how is it like to be there with them. Every year, we picked a color motiff for the Christmas Eve. My last December with them which was 2006, we wore something Orange. Hehehe. Kinda bold huh! Then on 2007, their color motiff was Red. Too bad I was no longer there but looking at their pictures made me happy. I so miss my family so much. I'm looking forward to seeing them again Christmas 2009. I wonder what would be our color motiff for that year?!?

Food last Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006 (Orange Motiff)

Jeff and me with my family and relatives

Food last Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007 (Red Motiff)

5 replies:

Michelle said...

wow, i miss that kind of preparation. huge one with family and relatives and sometimes neighbors. i miss the grilled fish, it looks yummy. btw, got a tag for you. :)

irish daisies said...

wow nice layout of food and that is so nice to do a color motiff. I've never heard of that. husband and i was setting up new tv in my workout room when i saw one of daughters xmas gift...will have to mail it to her before our move in about a week... she will love having xmas eairly... i miss little rock...loved it there!

Anonymous said...

Ang saya ng pasko sa atin ano? When I was growing up, sa bahay namin ang party with my cousins, aunts and uncles. We have a lot of fun games with prizes. Yun ang na-miss ko.

Anonymous said...

looking at your pictures ate Jenn made me miss home and Christmas.

it's just different how we celebrate Christmas back home. and i can't wait to be able to experience it again. this Christmas, we will be gathered for a family Christmas together on TS' side.

LODS said...

you know what i miss a whole lot jen?ang isda nga sinugba,huhuhuhu..and i just miss the smell of fish in the air when your cooking in the house.of course it drives everyone else in the house crazy..