Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I have just finished dropping 200 EC tonight. It was exhausting, addicting and fun. Before I'm going to turn over the PC to hubby, I was thinking of making a blog about some bits and pieces from yesterday. I was not at work yesterday. I attended the New Employee Orientation Seminar that took practically whole day. Like most seminars, 95% of the time I was confined in my seat inside the training room. My bottom literally hurt from sitting down for 8 long hours. Of course it was boring and I feel sleepy and tired. And the bad part is that I was assigned a seat in the front row. GREAT!!! I had to look attentive and alert most of the time but the truth is I was so bored and exhausted listening to the speakers talk about all kinds of insurance that was supposedly 'company benefits'. But I don't see why it's a benefit when they will still let us pay parts of it. Hehehe. Anyway, I only avail for the 401K. For medical and dental, I am already covered with Jeff's insurance so I'll be fine. The best part of the orientation though is the abundance of food at the back of the room. And the most helpful talk was from the owner/CEO of the bank, Mr. Gleason. It was an informal kind of interaction wherein he asked each of us (we were like 40 new employees from all branches) to introduce ourselves and tell the group what department we're working for. He also entertained questions and that's when he shared a bit of his secret for his success. It was so inspiring and I am truly amazed with his visions and beliefs for his company. He was only 25 y/o when he purchased the bank for 3.1 million dollars which he owed from a financing institution. From it's 2 small branches, the bank just continue to grow and now there's already 71 branches all over Arkansas, Texas and North Carolina. It was indeed a great feat!

On a different note, I was glad that one important requirement for our Philippine wedding has been taken care of yesterday. I was a little worried that we might not be able to secure a copy of Jeff's baptismal certificate 'coz aside from the fact that he didn't have any copy of it with him whatsoever, he was born and baptized in California. But thanks to my DIL, he was able to request a copy of it from the parish church in CA. It was fast and easy and I am again amazed of how organized some of the processes here in the U.S. I remember when I had to get my baptismal certificate at San Nicolas Parish as one of the papers that I prepared for immigration purposes, I had to go back to the church physically 3 times and spent a couple of weeks to get it done with. The fact that the spelling of my name in my Birth Certificate differs from my Baptismal Certificate makes it more difficult. I had to go to the Chancery Office and went through a lot of stuff for a name spelling change. Only to find out in the end that the church clerk still typed in the wrong name when I went back to claim it. Haay! Anyway, I'm rattling on. I had to end it here. My eyelids are now starting to droop. Earlier today I planned on going to bed early but as usual blogging and EC dropping prevent me from doing so.

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Anonymous said...

wow! ate jenn bilib ko nimo coz you still have the energy to go EC dropping. i'm too lady to do it oi. mao na ingon ani ra gihapon akong pagerank and stuff.

LODS said...

i feel for you jen specially your butt,lol...good think you didnt fall for the ec dropping i got to 300 but kinda stopped.i just dropped on the people who dropped on me and some blogs i find interesting.kapoy and ec dropping uy takes up a lot of time,lol