Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life is Good

We missed two Sundays in a row at church and it just feels great to be back in our Sunday school and service this morning. The sermon was great and it was good to see the Pastor who officiated our wedding last year in the same church. He had to quit being a pastor 'coz he's stricken with cancer. Seeing him today at church brought back vivid memories of my wedding in October of last year. Time flies, don't it? We don't have plans yet on how to celebrate our Paper Anniversary but knowing Jeff, I'm sure he has some memorable surprises in stored for that special event of our lives.

I can't believe it's going to be Monday again tomorrow. Haay! I always have Monday-itis at work. Well, who doesn't? It's always a double drag to get up for work on a Monday. But what can we do, that's life, we have to work and do something with our lives. Anyway, I can't get myself to get away from my laptop on weekends. Actually, I'm multi-tasking. Filipinos are so good with that. I am blogging, washing some clothes and watching ASAP and SOP interchangeably. I love both shows. GMA Pinoy TV and TFC both rocks. I didn't regret at all that we subscribed to both channels last year. It was so worth it. It brings me closer to home.

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