Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This is where I used to live back in the Philippines. I saw these photos in my cousin's Multiply page and I couldn't help but reminisce the times when I was still back home. I thought about sharing a bit about my home for 3 years in Linao, Minglanilla. My favorite part of the house is the photo nook right behind the staircase. That corner is just full of memories. It contains photos of course of each member of the family. Not to mention the computer is set up right there in that corner which reminds me a lot of my chat moments with Jeff when I was still in the Philippines.

The second photo is the bedroom that I used to share with my dearest sister, Jhazel. She's the cute lil girl that didn't do the "peace sign" in the group photo. By the way, the other girls in that photo are her friends. And yeah, I used to sleep on the upper part of that bunk bed. I miss my bed and I miss my family back home.

3 replies:

Anonymous said...

I love the nook right behind the staircase. It looks so cozy :)

Raquel said...

Hi Jenn, it's my first time here. Your your house looks beautiful and well organized. I like those photo frames under the stairways. Oh, it's good to look back where our roots started.

insikwa said...