Monday, September 8, 2008

Morning Thoughts

It's the start of another working week. I woke up early today and was glad to find one green opportunity waiting to be grabbed. It's been a while since I was serious with catching opps and I feel that today is a good sign for me. Anyway, I was a little upset with the allergies on my neck and right arm. I don't know what could have triggered this. I had this for a week already. I probably need to see a doctor about this. On a different note, in 30 minutes I'm going to shower for work. Today is Monday and I expect a lot of problems coming from our different branches but I just hope it wouldn't be as bad as last Friday. Anyway, I think I don't have time anymore to drop EC this morning so I'll just have to do it after work tonight. Haay, blogging!!!

2 replies:

Nova said...

hi jenn..musta na? kalou pud nimo oi.. duna diay kay allergy hope maayo na imong paminaw ug sa imong allergy pud...

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Anonymous said...

same here ate jenn. after i got sick last week, i don't have the interest to grab ops.

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