Sunday, September 28, 2008

Melts in your mouth, Not in your hands

That is the famous M & M trademark. And it's quite true. I was worried a lil bit last night that I might have chocolate stains in my fingers while I was using my laptop but true to it's slogan, it literally just melts in my mouth but not in my hand. Obviously, I was blogging and munching on a bowl of M&M peanuts and chocolates last night. Jeff grabbed two small packs of M&M yesterday while we were at Walmart doing our grocery shopping. Usually, we would buy Hershey's dark chocolates with almonds 'coz we both are crazy with dark chocolates but I don't know what came to our minds yesterday when we grabbed 2 packs of these candies. Apparently, it's yummy and before we knew it, the bowl was almost half empty after an hour. Yikes!

4 replies:

Marky said...

hi poh! Can we exlinks with my new blog?

The Green Man In His Green World

Katelove's said...

Been here and saying hello. Have a lovely week and Take Care!

Michelle said...

that looks yummy. i wanted to eat 1 to 3 pieces of M&M with peanut though i want to eat more because i don't want to be addicted to it. i have two pinay friends here who were diabetic when they were pregnant. i don't want to have the same problem like them coz i don't want to be on a diet. :)

LODS said...

favs na naku jen,but lately ive been eating the peanut m&m's more. its nice to eat them color by color.i use to separate the color before and eat them one at a time,lol