Friday, June 13, 2008

What's Up?

My weekend started great. I had 3 SS reservations and one of it was approved right away. Wow, I'm so happy! We're gonna take it slow this weekend. We won't do things outside our house since we're still recovering from our long trip to Illinois last week. I'll probably unpack today our stuff in the luggage so I can do laundry tomorrow. I miss Sunday school and church last week so definitely we would go this Sunday. Later today, me and Jeff will run to the post office to mail off some stuff for a friend in Kansas who's having a baby shower tomorrow, pictures for my family in PI and Jeff's uncle in Canada. That's pretty much will keep us busy this weekend. As I've said, we don't want to do much this weekend. But of course I'll keep on blogging. Anyway, have to go now. See yah!

3 replies:

kitty said...

sis jenn, you're in the hot seat!

take care


StaLira said...

Hi Jenn, laag ko. Pras ta naay 3 ka opps sa ss. Maau n lng naay dugang kay hinay na man ppp ron.

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Anonymous said...

hello ate Jenn!

sorry for my ignorance but what is that "SS" thing?