Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm back from Illinois...

I'm back from our weekend summer getaway in Illinois. It was hot and humid there but it rained in the latter parts of the day. We got busy with Brennan's birthday last Saturday and we went to Deep River Waterpark to swim and have fun but unfortunately, we didn't get our money's worth 'coz in the early afternoon, there was a thunderstorm and a tornado warning so we had to leave the place early against our will. Instead of going straight home though, we dropped by a shopping center and did a little shopping.

We left Monday afternoon but on our way home, I saw Tanger Outlet Center in Tuscola, Illinois, right beside the interstate so I thought of stopping by and take a look. The stores include GAP, Old Navy, Bath & Body Works, Lee, Hush Puppies, Coach, Carters, Oshkosh B'Gosh, NIKE, Polo Ralph Lauren and a whole lot of good brands. The best part of outlet shopping is that their prices are way more cheaper than in the retail stores. I had a great bargain with the stuff that I bought. You wouldn't find a $10.00 Lee and Wrangler pair of jeans in retail stores, would you?

Anyway, I'm glad that we got home safe Tuesday afternoon. It was a 13-hour drive each way with a few stopover to eat and use the restroom, so we had to stay in a hotel back and forth to get some sleep. Sure, it was exhausting especially for Jeff 'coz he did most of the driving but we still enjoyed it. I took a lot of photos and I'm gonna share that to you in my next post. I missed 5 reservations from Social Spark while I was in Illinois but now I'm back and I can have all the time in the world to catch up with blogging. Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

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Lou said...

Hello dear friend, I'm glad to know you're back...Chika na pud ta LOL


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Anonymous said...

welcome back! you're not really on hiatus mode ate Jhen! coz unlike me, you would still update your blog. it's so intereting to hear your stories.

StaLira said...

kalami nimo jenn kay laag2 mo. enjoy jud magsige laag pero kapoy. hay ako kay puyo balay bilang og patak sa ulan..hehe

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Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

wow! welcome back Jhenn! asan na pasalubong ko? hehehe