Friday, June 20, 2008

Magic and Illusions of Criss Angel

Most kids get fascinated with magic. I’ve seen kiddie birthday parties in the past that hired somebody to entertain the guests with fancy little tricks that play with our minds. Well, I shall say it’s not just kids but adults alike find magic and illusions entertaining. There have been very great magicians in the past but it seemed like the modern magician masters brought magical tricks a notch higher.

In our modern times, I think Criss Angel is one of the best illusionists there is. His acts and illusions are clever, weird, very entertaining and mind bending that if you watch him perform in his shows, you would be left spellbound and some would have even thought he has some real dark magic powers. But of course, he doesn’t have real dark powers, he’s just a very clever illusionist, but that is all he is.

I personally think that his tricks are pretty amazing. The best ones for me are when he levitates from one building to another, walks on water and when he was run over by a bulldozer on a bed of glass. Wow, that’s pretty neat, isn’t it? But I think the best thing is to watch him do his tricks live. Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will hold a debut Cirque du Soleil performance called
CRISS ANGEL Believe. It’s gonna be a night of haunting journey inside the mind of this great mystifier Criss Angel. Too bad the contest is now closed but you could have won 2 tickets of this show by texting 'Believe' and send it to 22122. But don't worry, you can still buy your tickets by visiting the Criss Angel Believe website.

Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe

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