Thursday, June 5, 2008

Short Vacation in Illinois

Am I excited? Oh yeah...I started packing our stuff yesterday. I'm not quite done yet but the major packing was taken cared of. We would leave this afternoon when Jeff comes home from work. I want us to travel light but since we're staying there for 4 days, I'll have to make sure we have enough clothes and undies packed in the luggage. I've always find it fun to plan and organize the things to bring and do on a trip. Most importantly, I like to travel to different places and explore new things. Well, this is gonna be like my 3rd trip to Illinois but we try to do different things in every visit. This time we're looking forward to a good weather on Sunday so we can go to the Deep River WaterPark in Indiana, just an hour away from Bradley and take a plunge. My sister and I are going to have all girls' bonding as we're gonna survey the shopping centers in Orland Park. I'm down to my last bottle of Efficascent Oil so we would also visit the Filipino store in Bolingbrook. Yeah, I always need my Efficascent and it's a shame that it's not sold here in our place. Need to end it here guys, I had to continue packing our stuff. Ciao!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jenn!

Sure, let's exchange links! I have four blogs, is it okay for you to link all four blogs? I will link you up in all the blogs, too! My links are:

Memories by Jenn
Shutter Happenings
Le Kulitszie Familie
Jenn Was Here

btw, siguro pag uwi ka ng pinas, dapat magdala ka ng maraming efficasent oil. love ko rin yan, lalo pag masakit ang tyan ko!

Nova said...

hello jenn..
sorry ha it took me a while to add you up, as i told you before that i'm planning of changing my template but i think it will remain like that.. as it will take me days and hours to change and update everything.. hay.. i dont want to encounter complications.. in short, ginatamad ko sa karon. i guess it can wait..

i have addd you na dear, i named it after waht you named yourself...

hope we can exchange message.. as i have noticed your husband's name got the same nickname my fiancee is...

thanks for the tips.. i'm applying it all, now i'm bringing with me the new ones i have since it is summer when i get to my fiancee's place... perfect timing isn't it?

Prily said...

wow!!!happy trip, my dearest online pal! I wanna thank you for your frequent visits at my site!i enjoy being here at your site but please excuse me if i cannot visit you frequently. i am sure you understand why. it is really hard when you have 2 kids in tow!hehehehe! enjoy your trip,my friend!