Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sexual predators target children in chatrooms

I was browsing the tv channels this afternoon when my eyes caught channel E! True Hollywood Stories: THS Investigates. I don't usually watch this particular channel but after reading an article in a tv guide mag about Denise Richards' new show on that said channel, I suddenly got interested to check out some of their shows. Anyway, this episode of THS investigates talks about these 'male sickos' who likes to hit on children in the internet. They would enter in different chatrooms, look for young kids to chat with and eventually talk dirty with. A neighbor of a 12-year old girl who was talking to a 26-year old guy in a certain chatroom tells about how she pretended to be the young girl and talked to this guy until it eventually leads to the guy's showing himself off doing something inappropriate on webcam.

An organization called "Perverted-Justice" which was also mentioned in the show, exists to catch these sexual predators who usually use the internet to sexually abuse and prey upon children. They would post fake profiles about young kids in chatrooms and wait for these sexually disturbed individuals to contact them, to talk about sex and much worse to ask about meeting in a certain place. That's how they catch these sickos. I think it's just sickening to imagine that our young kids or younger siblings can be victims of these people. The cyberweb is so accessible even to kids nowadays, so it's really important to guide them and keep watch so they won't fall as preys into the hands of these perverts.

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PinayWAHM said...

Hi Jenn....

Hala sabay tayong na nonood. Haha...Scary noh? I'm just glad our little one is too little to even know how to use the net. For sure we will be around to guide her if and when the time comes na kailangan nyang mag internet.