Friday, June 27, 2008

A Date to Remember

Two years ago on June 26th, I went to Mactan Int'l Airport with my cousin, Libby to meet my Jeff in person. I can vividly remember how I felt on that day. I was happy, excited, nervous, very conscious of how I look, and worried when it seemed like everyone else have gone out and still I didn't see the tall, Caucasian, red-head guy of my dreams from the exit door. Imagine what it would be like to feel all of those feelings at the same time. I thought that I needed to go to the restroom but didn't want to do it 'coz I don't want to miss him when he comes out to meet me.

As I look back on those 2 weeks of his first visit, I realize how lucky I am to have spent that two weeks of my life with the wonderful man that I chose to marry. It was filled with wonderful memories, fantastic dates, sweet moments and memorable places that we visited together. And to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of that first meeting, Jeff took me out to a Thai restaurant last night. A cone of twist vanilla and chocolate ice-cream each was our dessert as he drove us to a pretty park in front of a serene creek with a flock of geese as our company. I enjoyed spending last night with him reminiscing our first dates back in the Philippines.

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PinayWAHM said...

Nice pic, Jenn.

I'm backkkkk!!! for now anyway.

Salamat sa walang sawang pagvisit mo sa blog ko ha? Kahit absent ako for a few days.

Musta na?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow... how sweet! I still haven't felt that, but I can imagine how anxious you were to meet your man. You look so good together.

By the way, sure we can we exchange links! I have four blogs, is it okay for you to link all four blogs? I will link you up in all the blogs, too! My links are:

Jenn Was Here
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Thanks a lot!

Nice to meet you, Jenn! Wow, same name, how cool is that? =)

Dezz said...

26 is a good date isn't? it was our 1 year and 11 wedding monthsary too. ur's was the date u met ur love hehe..

Lou said...

Oi dhay, kahilak man sad ta ani LOL But seriously I think that "first meeting" is always unforgettable...we can all remember it with precise details LOL

Miss talking to you my friend, haayyy kabalo na ka most of the time akong cp patay LOL