Monday, June 2, 2008

Food Trip

Last week was a crazy diet for me. To help myself in achieving my goal to lose weight, I tried to eat less rice and small portions of food. I eat salad with a fruit or turkey sandwich with cheese for lunch and rice with meat for dinner. But last Memorial Weekend was a break when it comes to food that I ate. We did grill a lot. From steak, back ribs and country-style pork ribs. I tried different ways of marinating the meat. I even followed one suggestion of my friend Lou. All styles proved to be yummy and mouth-watering. I enjoyed the food so much.

Iceberg lettuce Salad with a piece of banana

Baby back ribs marinated with Kraft Honey Bar-b-que Sauce (Overnight)

Country-style pork ribs marinated with Mama Sita's Bar-b-que Marinade

3 replies:

Anonymous said...

Wowwww, yummy! I'm drooling here..looks really good.

Anonymous said...

those barbecues looks so yummy. forget about diets, right?

Lou said...

Jenn, mao na jud ni!!!! Can't wait for this weekend aron mag-sugba na sad ko...haayyyy diet LOL