Friday, June 13, 2008


As promised, I'll share to you a bunch of pictures taken during our trip to Illinois last weekend. Sorry for the late update, I didn't feel like blogging much after we got back from the trip. I even haven't unpacked our stuff yet 'coz I still feel lazy and exhausted. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Swimming at Deep River Waterpark in Indiana

My nephew Brennan Carlyle Miller

Me with Bren

My sister Jingle, Bren's mom

This is me with hubby Jeff (he's 6'1, in case you'd wonder about the height difference, lol)
I am chillin' by the hammock

Keeping watch for the steaks in the grill

There's more pics in my Multiply Page, if you want to view more, visit Deep River Waterpark and Summer Vacation in Illinois albums.

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PinayWAHM said...

Wow..thanks for sharing the pics Jenn. Ang tangkad pala ng asawa mo. My hubby's siblings are tall as well...some are way over 6 ft tall as well so we're thinking na ang aming anak eh higante din kasi she's tall at her age....but we don't really know, di ba?

Anyway, enjoy the weekend.


Lou said...

Dhay, nag-basketball player tana si Jeff, heheh. Love the photos, feel na feel jud nimo ang summer. Your nephew is cute, like me LOL

Most of all, I love the steak!!!

Talk to you soon,

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Anonymous said...

wow, great pictures, the hammock looks nice. ehehehe gusto ko matulog djan!

ur hubby;s super tall ha!:)

Anonymous said...

wooohoo! kahayahay sa life ah. the trip looks fun especially you get to bond with Jingle and her family. nothing beats spending time with the people you love no?