Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yard spring cleaning and maintenance.

Spring weather has just started to settle in here in Montana. I’m pretty excited because spring weather is perfect for lots of fun activities outdoors. Yesterday, it was in the 70s and oh boy was it nice! We stayed out until 8pm. We just basically hang out, enjoy the nice breeze, listen to the birds sing and watch my little guy play while hubby was talking on the phone with his brother. It was really nice to be outside these days. As a matter of fact, we have started taking care of our yard. Hubby mowed the lawn while I pruned all the dead flowers and plants, getting our yard ready for a small pretty flower and vegetable garden that we were planning to start this year. We just bought our house and we pretty much rented before then so even if we would have wanted to have our own flower garden, we couldn’t because we don’t own the property. And hubby was less enthusiastic about making improvements since we were just renting. So now that we have our own place, we’d like to do more yard work.

However, I came to realize that gardening or any yard work for that matter takes hard work, dedication and patience. It took me whole afternoon the other day just to remove all the dead stalks from last year’s plants. Then I watered the new creeping plants and turn on the hose sprinkler for the grass and let it run for an hour. After all that, I was literally exhausted. I wish there’s an affordable lawn experts here in town much like commercial landscaping grand rapids. I have heard about them from a friend that lives in Michigan and they always get them for their landscaping and lawn maintenance. They did my friend's spring clean up, removed the winter debris and leaves and their lawns were swept and vacuumed to make it look neat. Awesome service! It made me wish that we have that here as well.

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