Friday, May 31, 2013

State employee benefits.

My husband who is a federal employee has heard that state employees have great health benefits package. So he was really happy and proud that I did get a state job. But I really didn't believe it at first or shall I say never really cared because I am already being taken care of under hubby's health care insurance policies and so is our son. Not until today when I had to finally submit to HR all the health care forms and what not, that I realized I truly have a nice benefit package. I was really pleasantly surprised that I only need to pay $38.00 dollars every month for my medical, dental and life insurance premiums. When in fact, I should have been paying $771.00/month for the health care plans that I've chosen, but the state contributes $733/month towards my benefits so that is really awesome! I was like wow really, that's all I have to pay for all 3 core plans? Not to mention, the state matches the contribution I make towards my retirement plan. So if I put in 7.9% towards my retirement, the state is going to contribute 6.8% or so towards my retirement package as well. Amazing! Indeed, I am truly grateful that I have this job. Now since I have my own health care insurance policy already which offers equally good benefits as his, I don't need to be under his medical insurance anymore. We can save a little bit by doing that since his current medical premiums has taken a big chunk off his paycheck. Being a working mom now is challenging, because I have to work second shift when I get home from work, lol! But in the long run, this is beneficial to me and my family. We are aiming to provide a better future and hopefully a nice college plan for our unico hijo. :)

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Joanne said...

wow.. that's great, 'jen.. Congrats on that new job of yours. You've finally found one that you can keep even towards retirement.. Hopefully, you guys wouldn't think of moving again to another state. :-)